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Get your apprehensions and preparation queries addressed in this live chat with IIFT 2012 high scorer Devansh Doshi.


DHIRU298: hello sir, can you give me some tips to answer GK section well? Thanks in advance..
Devansh Doshi: Hello,

Please don't address me as sir. :-) 

The key is that for most entrances that have GK, they generally have a set of topics that they love to ask from. Try to find out this list by looking at past years papers and internet forums. Then try to Google get some good material on that topic. For example, I had got a 500 MCQ questions on History. And it’s obvious that those questions ought to cover the important events.

Some people have advocated reading newspapers and magazines. Yes that does help a bit, but looking at the time it is left, 
better to concentrate on GK from some good organized sources. 
amitcg: Is there any sectional cutoffs in IIFT or they take overall cutoff?
Devansh Doshi: It depends from year to year. As far as I know it was only 2011 where they didn't have sectional cutoffs. The question paper would mention if there are any sectional cutoffs. 
Murugaprakash123: Hi it necessary to apply separately for IIFT Delhi and Kolkata campuses separately apart from IIFT exam registration
Devansh Doshi: No, you don't have to apply separately. 
lohithnagaraj: Hi Devansh,
Now that IIFT has campuses in both Kolkata and Delhi, will the cuut off be any lower than last year?
Devansh Doshi: IIFT Kolkata campus has been there for past few years and both have same cutoffs. 
guest: Regarding DI part, how did u crack it.. I mean its a high scoring region but very calculation intensive..
Devansh Doshi: Well to be frank I attempted less questions in DI. If I remember correctly I had attempted only 7 or less. The key here is that do LR very well so that you score the maximum and clear the cutoff. And since it is calculation intensive you need to get used to such problems and apply some trics

For example
Comparing 93/239 and 81/303
Reduce both of them to approx. 1/2.4 and 1/3.xx

This is much easier. 

Compute 36% as 4* 10% - 4%
pwad111: can u pls tell me, for how much marks does IIFT gv call for gdpi round
Devansh Doshi: The cutoff varies each year. 
sgghosh: Hello Sir,are the business GK question focused on current year or previous years's are also to be studied.Please give some tips for Quant & DI section.
Devansh Doshi: To my best of knowledge they have to be for the current year. 

Quant section has been more or less moderate in the past few years. Concentrate on solving it well with good attempts and accuracy. This section is similar to quant section of any other exam. 
DI tips are answered in a question before in this chat. 
mbaiim: as per ur experience, whether it is possible to attempt all questions in given span of time of 2 hrs...what was ur strategy..
Devansh Doshi: I really doubt that is possible but perhaps that shouldn't be your aim as well. 

There are people who have 75+ /100 in 2012. 

My strategy was to have equivalent attempts in all sections so that I meet individual cut offs. And by the time you face these entrances, all areas must be at equal footings. This will ensure that you are not scared of any section. Just in case your preparation is not that strong just make sure that you attempt sufficient questions in your weakest section to clear the cutoff. 
pranit10: wat is the best strategy for time allocation in different sections of the paper
Devansh Doshi: The time allocation strategy depends on your strengths and weaknesses. 

But remember to check if you have sufficient attempts across all sections. Keep a tab on that. 

Rest to be frank, time allocation and paper attempting strategies are supposed to be ones own. Attempt mocks to design a strategy for yourself. 
saurabh.dongare: SIR, What was the strategy you followed for answering the sections.. Which section first.. how much time for each section etc
Devansh Doshi: My strategy was to attempt GK first as that would take less time and help me in knowing where am I in terms of approximate GK marks. 

Then I attempted an RC because I believe you can solve an RC better with a fresh mind. Then when I started feeling a bit heavy headed after the RCs. I switched to quant or LR to lighten up. 

No time allocation but keeping a tab on attempts across all sections is important. 
cricket0: Hi, Can u please give some links where we can find good consolidated GK ques. ?
Any tips to approach the paper to maximize the score.. both sectional and overall ?
Devansh Doshi: You can try referring to popular internet forums as they are a good source. Sites where there is material available for current affairs for IAS and UPSC can also be used. 

Rest TF is also good. 
pppmishra88: Devansh what should be the ideal time allocation for the sections?
Devansh Doshi: Just answered. Please refer answered questions :-)
guest: SIR, What was the strategy you followed for answering the sections.. Which section first.. how much time for each section etc..
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)
guest: What was the strategy you followed for answering the sections.. Which section first.. how much time for each section etc..
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)
kidambi.vamsikrishna: Hello Mr.Joshi how many questions from gk section to be answered to clear the cut-off ??
Devansh Doshi: It depends upon the cut off the institute sets. And that cannot be predicted. Last year the GK cutoff was very low, answering only 4 questions correctly was enough. 
mbaiim: hi... plz suggest strategy to solve iift question paper..
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)
baba9: Hi.
cool devansh u topped the IIFT.
I'd be writing the IIFT for the first time
The greatest difficulty I've been facing while doing mocks is the optimal allocation of time. How do i go about doing that ?
Devansh Doshi: Well you need to be quick if you are facing speed problems. Speed can be increased by practice. 

Rest try as I have said in the previous answers. Keep tab on the number of questions in each section. Adjust the next question to have equivalent attempts. 
ranjaami: Please tell what was sectional cut-off for last year.. And do throw some light on gk question trends
Devansh Doshi: Frankly, I never prepared GK for IIFT. I just answered on my basic knowledge. I have suggested GK strategy in the earlier questions in my interview. You will have to do research on those topics. Sorry :-)
flash.gordon: How many questions did you attempt in RC..what do you suggest is a good attempt considering that RC take time and it is part of same section as VA? thanks
Devansh Doshi: I attempted 13/16.

See if you are quick in VA do more of VA. But somehow, if you have mastered RCs then that should be your core focus areas in any verbal section of any entrance. RCs if mastered are the most stable sources of marks. 
pwad111: one section had two parts eg verbal, willl consolidated cutoff for the whole section be considered or separate for each part.?
Devansh Doshi: Refer instructions on the question paper. They will tell you everything. Last year it was considered for the whole. 
mail2sreekant: What was the strategy you followed for answering the sections.. Which section first.. how much time for each section etc..
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)
baba9: the trend is that there r 4 RCs in the paper irrespective of the number of sections. Should I attempt all the RCs ? Consider my reading speed as above average.
Devansh Doshi: Don't go for all the RCs. Keep a minimum attempt of two and try for more if you have time. 
Murugaprakash123: is it true?? IIFT concentrates more foreign policy and trade related GK questions...
Devansh Doshi: I don't think so. 
nikhil_varshney: Hi Devansh,

What was your strategy to attempt the paper? Which section do you suggest should be attempted first and which section should be given more attention? My weakest section is GK. Any tips so that I can atleast clear the cut off?

Thanks in advance
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)

If your GK is weak, then while attempting be very sure if you are marking an answer. Relying on random marking can be precarious. 
pwad111: pls advice how many questions to get get right to clear cutoff for verbal section (EU and RC)
Devansh Doshi: Well, cut offs cannot be predicted and so can't be the number of questions. 
mbaiim: whether the test funda material for gk is sufficient to clear cut off.
Devansh Doshi: It is good, but as is the case with GK, prep for it can never be complete. You can always go for other sources like newspapers, etc. 
sammy198: if anyone attempts full di but not lr it will affect sctnl cut off.I am eng+va & lr+di is considered as two sectn...Am I right??
Devansh Doshi: First answer is no.
Second answer RC+VA is one section.

The instructions on the question paper will specify everything. 
ashish150989: IIFT 2012 had 6 sections in total which can grouped under 4 heades viz english,DI&Logical ,GK and Quant does each section has separate cut offs or cumulative cutoff of these 4 sections are only considered??
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)
mail2sreekant: Sir, can u put down ur attempts in each section/subsection..
Devansh Doshi: I don't remember.

16.667, 4.667, 16.083, 20.25, and 57.667 are my marks in QA, GK, LR+DI, VA+RC, and overall respectively. 
Murugaprakash123: can u share us how much time u spent in each section in the exam
Devansh Doshi: Don't remember. 
flash.gordon: what do you think is a decent score to aim for Delhi campus?
Devansh Doshi: Depends upon the cutoffs.

Assume cut off + 5 marks to be needed for Delhi campus with a decent GD PI. 
ashish150989: IIFT 2012 had 6 sections in total which can grouped under 4 heades viz english,DI&Logical ,GK and Quant does each section has separate cut offs or cumulative cutoff of these 4 sections are only considered??
Devansh Doshi: The instructions will mention what is the norm.
ashish150989: IIFT 2012 had 6 sections in total which can grouped under 4 heades viz english,DI&Logical ,GK and Quant does each section has separate cut offs or cumulative cutoff of these 4 sections are only considered??
Devansh Doshi:
 Please refer answered questions :-)
jeweltiwari: Hi there.
I wanted to know how much does profile plays its part in the final selection procedure and also would you recommend iift-k if we land it.
Devansh Doshi: A profile might play a part in the PI process but it may not be that significant. 

Yes IIFT K is worth it. 
nitish.khadayate: Can you please suggest, how to improve in RC and DI.. These 2 sections eat up a lot of time. My accuracy is good enough but a lot of time is wasted in it. Can you also advice the average time that should be ideally spent per section?
Devansh Doshi: Reduce time in DI by practice. 

For RCs all that I can say is try to read with a sense of urgency. Read the questions before you read the passage. 
pranit10: hw was gdpi after clearing the first hurdle
Devansh Doshi: IIFT has essay, GD, and PI. They involve a lot of preparation. Perhaps you can worry about this after you are done with the entrance. 

Entrance by far has a huge weightage. Last year it was 65%. Concentrate hard here. 
ssbehera: Hi Devansh, i am not that good in English usage, what do i do to improve with respect to IIFT exam
Devansh Doshi: In this short time, it is better to skip this section and preparation for it. English Usage for competitive exams entail some amount of practice. Concentrate on other VA questions and RCs. 
catwb2012: is there any section wise cut off in IIFT
Devansh Doshi:
 Please refer answered questions :-)
imaginer88: last year there were fact files for GK, this year i couldnt find any . Can you please share the linkCan
Devansh Doshi: Are you referring to the factfiles on TF?
flash.gordon: your insights are really helpful! Can you pls share last year's cutoffs...thanks
Devansh Doshi: Thank You

 Quant 6.000 GK 1.667 LRDI 8.917 VA and RC 7.000

overall 50 for general category
faiz0703: Hi Devansh, my question is a bit specific and it is about DI. IIFT has asked questions on CAGR, and it involves calculating some nth should such a question be handled or is it best to skip it?
Devansh Doshi: Best to skip.

If you have time later try using CAGR <= SAGR to estimate. 
Murugaprakash123: did u attempt any random questions to increase ur attempt??
Devansh Doshi: I did two in GK. But I did it because I had sufficient attempts in GK and I felt taking two risks would be fine. 

I also did a lot of logical deductions which went on to be correct. 
kidambi.vamsikrishna: Hello , Mr.Joshi ideally how many questions are to be answered to clear the gk section cut-off ???
Devansh Doshi: This has been answered previously :-)
pppmishra88: hello sir could you please advise me how to crack IIFT regarding the time management and topics to focus?
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)
flash.gordon: hello sir..pls suggest what should be the time allocation and sequence of solving various sections so as to maximize attempts..thanks
Devansh Doshi: Please refer answered questions :-)
rajneha: Hello sir, Can you give some tips for quant section and also give advice which topic are need to focus.
Devansh Doshi: Tips would be to have high concentration while solving so that you don't commit silly errors. Use the rounds technique where in the first round solve questions that seem solvable. Try the more difficult ones in the subsequent rounds. 
Murugaprakash123: will it be a good strategy if we attempt say to clear cutoff alone in all sections and then go with the other questions
Devansh Doshi: Yes it is a good strategy but you cannot really predict the cutoffs. 

That's why I stress on equivalent attempts in all sections so that you don't risk missing out on any sectional cutoff. 
prateekkhandelwal13: Hi Sir,
Will there be any sectional cut-off this year as it is going alternate as 2012 -sectional, 2011-non sectional, 2010- Sectional..
Devansh Doshi: The question paper instructions will clearly mention it. 


Devansh Doshi: 2012 it was 50
2011 it was 44.xx

The cutoff varies a lot with the difficulty level of the paper.
prateekkhandelwal13: I've poor academic record as X & XII under 60% and BE with 69%. Will this create a lot of difference while converting or for making a CALL ?
Devansh Doshi: They might impact a little in the PI if at all. To be frank I am unaware of the current admission criterion. 
flash.gordon: You mentioned keeping tabs on different sections to clear sectionals...did you do so by solving the paper in rounds or something else? pls elaborate. thanks again
Devansh Doshi: After the first hour, I made a tally of the number of attempts I had made in each section and solved more questions where needed. 

I kept updating the tally as and when I solved more questions. 
Murugaprakash123: will it be safe if we attempt half the questions in each section with good accuracy??
Devansh Doshi: It may do the trick for sectional cutoffs but I am unsure whether this is 100% safe. And don't forget you also have an overall cutoff to handle which greater than the sum of the sectional cutoffs. 
Devansh Doshi: We end the chat here. Thank you for you participation :)
Views : 4227
Rated 5.0 by 1 User


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