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TF Expert experience – My CAT 2011 Experience

TF Expert experience – My CAT 2011 Experience

gaurav.dave ,  24-Oct-11

CAT 2011 – Second Day, First Slot – Gaurav’s Experience

CAT 2011 was being awaited with a lot of curiosity this year, considering the minor and major issues over the last two years and the change in format this year. There are still a lot of questions among the student community regarding the difficulty level of the paper, the pattern, the test taking environment etc. I too, had the same thoughts when I went to take my CAT in the morning slot on 24th October 2011. 

Since I may not be able to analyse the test in detail or reveal question types due to the Prometric NDA, let me take you through some of the things that you should keep in mind, based on my experience.

  1. As I have maintained all along, reach the exam centre well in advance, and if possible visit it beforehand. My task was easier as my exam centre was a management institute located just behind my earlier residence and in a building where I had spent hours preparing for my 10th and 12th standard exams. As such, my comfort level with the exam centre was extremely high and I went in completely relaxed. However, other students who came in from other areas had some difficulty in finding the centre.

  2. Please make it a point TO CARRY ATLEAST 2 PHOTO IDS in original. Even though I had my PAN card with my photograph, I was made to show my driver’s license because I looked younger on the PAN card. Also, if you are planning to show your college ID card as a photo-id, please carry one more photo-ID as some centres are accepting this as valid proof while some are not. Also, now UID cards (Aadhaar) cards are being accepted as well. Do keep that in mind.

  3. While my centre allowed us to deposit our bags in a separate room, other centres may not. So, take only as much material as you seriously need. Also, you will not be allowed to take anything apart from your wallet inside the test lab. So, there is not much point in loading yourself with too much stuff. On a related topic, our test lab became extremely cold in 20-25 minutes. It may be a wise decision to carry a jacket or wear appropriate clothing so as not to hamper your test.

  4. Once the biometrics process was completed and we were made to check-in in the respective lab, we had to endure a wait of more than an hour. This is in fact, the worst part of the entire experience as we could not even talk to our neighbours. We were allowed to take toilet and water breaks till 9:30 a.m. post which neither was allowed. Have your breakfast and refreshments accordingly. These rules apply in the second slot as well. So, those in the second slot would do well to have a light lunch.

  5. Out tutorial started at around 10 minutes to 10 a.m. and this entire exercise was done in a very professional manner. Coming to the tutorial now, this is a critical part of the entire process. Please make it a point to go through this tutorial, as it gave a complete overview of each screen and was extremely helpful. Also, wherever some format change has been introduced from this year, the relevant screen has been explicitly mentioned as being new in CAT 2011.

  6. Like the last two years, once the tutorial ends, you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement within 5 minutes. Since the agreement is just a 2-line declaration, this should not take too much of your time. Please ensure that you have signed this within 5 minutes, else your test will end at this stage itself.

  7. Once section 1 started i.e. QA + DI, the test and interface were as announced by Prometric and the CAT authorities. A notable change from CAT 2010 was that the quality of questions in my test was significantly higher than that of last year. Not only did the questions test the application of concepts in most of the expected areas but they also checked the knowledge of basic formulae and properties in some not-so-common areas. This makes your preparation in these last few days focused more towards revision of concepts and basic theory.

  8. An important thing to note is that both section I and II had a reasonable representation from DI and LR respectively. While I may not be able to disclose exact numbers due to the NDA requirements, the proportion was the same as what we have been predicting over the last few weeks in our counseling session and TestFunda chats.

  9. I felt that both the sections had a good mix of a few sitters, medium level questions and some difficult to very difficult questions as well. In such a situation, scanning the section will definitely help you. I scanned each section in around 7-8 minutes and could identify 7-8 questions that seemed simple. While I could not solve 1-2 of these, the rest were indeed fairly manageable. So, this did help in increasing my attempts. Using this approach, I managed to attempt around 21 questions in section I with a reasonably high accuracy (I assume) and attempt all 30 questions in section II with a very high accuracy. As such, while I felt that my test was good, it was definitely challenging.

  10. I would definitely recommend that students do not go keeping in mind the slightly simpler exams seen in the last 2 years and be prepared for slightly challenging papers with a few new question types.

    Wish you all the very Best!

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