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TestFunda ,  04-Feb-21
Two targetted MBA programs designed for your unique needs

With nearly all the results from the 2020-21 season declared and only CMAT 2021 and MHCET 2021 left, most of you would have started deciding on a course of action for the coming MBA season. 
Whether you are a final-year student want to try out CAT and the other exams for the first time or a fresher who wants to directly pursue an MBA or the experienced work-ex student who’s a veteran at CAT; all of you will have varying needs while you prepare for multiple MBA tests. 
Based on feedback from students and 200+ institutional partners across India who teach students just like you, we have revamped, redesigned and enhanced our programs to make your prep journey as smooth and fulfilling as possible. 

Programs For You:

Program Details:

CAT Self Learning Program (SLP) 2020

Overview: An exhaustive, start-to-end program; you can use it to prepare completely by yourself right from the absolute basics of each chapter to the last step i.e. taking simulated mocks in the test interface and analyzing your performance.

Designed For: The first-time CAT taker and the student pressed for time due to his education/job, it allows you to access all the resources at any time of your choice (of course, while adhering to a release schedule) and pace your preparation accordingly. 

Program Components

  • 250+ Concept Videos designed by Shashank Prabhu, Prasad Sawant and Gaurav Dave – all of whom – between them - have been multiple-time 100 percentilers at CAT, MHCET, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP and CMAT 
  • One Concept Test per video with video explanations – for you to be able to translate the concepts you studied in the videos into actual questions. 250+ Tests and video explanations
  • 90 Lessons with 1000+ solved examples to cover all the concepts that you need to crack all the MBA exams.
  • 250+ Lesson Practice Tests with video explanations – so that you can apply the multiple concepts learnt in a chapter all together and move towards being prepared for a mock

  • 500+ Lesson Level Tests – designed and arranged by difficulty to give you practise of each concept, while being relevant for most exams
  • 400+ Area Level Tests – Once you master concepts at a Lesson level, you need to be able to apply concepts across chapters of an area and identify which concepts and formulae apply. This is best done through an Area test e.g. Arithmetic, DI, Grammar. These tests will be designed and segregated at an exam level to give you complete exam relevant practice
  • 250+ Past CAT and MBA Tests at Lesson level – This will help you judge how far your understanding of a concept helps you tackle actual exam questions across multiple MBA Tests
  • Past Year Papers – available to be taken in the online format
  • Create your Own Exam functionality - that helps you create custom tests as per your learning requirements at any given stage during your preparation.
  • 25 Full Length CAT Mocks with video solutions – designed on the lines of CAT 2020 and taken by more than 9000 students individually and through our 150+ coaching partners.
  • 65 Full Length Non CAT mocks – Mocks replicating the pattern of XAT, IIFT, MHCET, NMAT, CMAT, SNAP and TISS. 
  • 30 Full Length CAT Sectionals – 10 tests per section on the lines of an actual mock. To be taken when you want to test your capability in a section without wasting a mock.
  • 100 Full Length Non CAT Sectionals – Sectionals replicating the pattern of each section of XAT, IIFT, MHCET, NMAT, CMAT, SNAP and TISS.
  • Detailed Performance Analysis, Percentile and Rank – Score Overview, Dynamic National Percentile, Atempt Analysis, Accuracy, Time Taken 

  • Dedicated Telegram Group – for doubt resolution, question discussion, mock discussion etc.
  • 3 One-to-One Mentorship Sessions with Mr. Gaurav Dave (Program Director TestFunda)
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