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IIFT 2019 Analysis

IIFT 2019 Analysis

TestFunda ,  01-Dec-19
IIFT 2019 Analysis

IIFT 2019 was conducted on Sunday, 01 Dec between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. For the first time in the history of IIFT, the test was conducted in an online format instead of the conventional paper-pen format. This also led to a radical change in the paper pattern – including sectional breakup and marking scheme.  

Based on feedback from our students and faculty, it was observed that IIFT 2019 was slightly easier compared to last year’s test, but the difficulty level over sections varied. 


IIFT moved from a six-section format to a four-section format, similar to the IIFT of the 2013-16 era. Also, the number of questions went down from 114 to 110 while the overall marks went up to 300 instead of 100. 

Logistically, the overall test taking experience was similar to previous years. Though glitches were reported from a few centres, the overall experience was smooth for most students. Apart from the admit card, one photo-ID proof and one passport sized photograph, no other object was allowed in the computer lab. So you had to be careful of leaving your valuables outside. 

The test interface was similar to CMAT and was much better than the demo interface released by NTA. Like CAT 2018, the watermark with the CAT registration number was present in the background. 

Overall Breakup 

Section Section Name Questions Marks per q Total Difficulty
I Quantitative Ability 25 +3/-1 75 Moderate to Tough
II Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 35 +3/-1 105 Easy to Moderate
III Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 30 +3/-1 90 Moderate to Tough
IV General Awareness 20 +1.5/-0.5 30 Moderate
Overall 110 100 Moderate

Nothing was mentioned about sectional cut-offs but it can be presumed that each section will have its own cut-off.

Section I – Quantitative Ability
  • LOD – Moderate to Tough
  • This was by far the toughest section of this mock and was slightly tougher compared to last year. 
  • The focus was on Arithmetic, Geometry and Modern Maths with a few Algebra  questions thrown in. 
  • Like always, the questions were lengthy and some were quite tricky. 
  • Of the 25 questions, hardly 6-7 could be called easy. 
  • 8-9 attempts in approximately 30 minutes – at 85% accuracy – is a good performance.
Section II: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 
  • LOD – Moderate
  • While this was one section, the overall distribution was similar to earlier IIFT tests – 16 DI questions and 19 LR questions. 
  • The DI sets were slightly simpler less calculation intensive compared to earlier tests. The sets on sales by style was the simplest and should definitely have been attempted. 
  • The LR area moved towards sets rather than single questions and had a lot of arrangement based questions. The set on circular arrangements was quite tough while the set on sequential output tracing was very similar to earlier tests. 
  • This was a reasonably scoring section, provided you focused on DI and selected the right sets in LR. 
  • 15 attempts in 35 minutes with 80% accuracy would be a good performance. 
  • The section is NOT expected t have sub-sectional cut-offs. Hence, you could have played on your strengths.
Section III – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 
  • LOD – Easy to Moderate
  • This was the easiest section with the same RC structure (4 passages with 4 questions each) followed by 14 VA questions.
  • The RCs were definitely shorter (500-600 words) with maximum direct questions and few inferential questions. 
  • Hence, attempting three RC passages was easily possible. 
  • The VA part of this section had the standard question types like crossword, fill in the blanks, vocabulary, idioms, grammar and jumbled sentences. 
  • 18-19 questions attempted in 35 minutes with  80% accuracy would be a good performance.  
Section IV – General Awareness 
  • LOD – Moderate
  • This was easier compared to previous sections. 
  • The focus was more on Current Affairs compared to static GK. 
  • There were 2-3 Match the Column type that were doable. 
  • 9-10 questions with 50% accuracy in 6-7 minutes would be a good performance. 
On the whole, the test was moderate and a score of 125+ should clear the overall cut-off for General category male students. 

Note: We will cover the detailed video analysis of this test on 02 Dec 2019. 
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