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Cracking CAT 2020 with TestFunda’s Complimentary 20 + 20 Topic Tests

Cracking CAT 2020 with TestFunda’s Complimentary 20 + 20 Topic Tests

TestFunda ,  24-Jun-20
Dear student

Most of you would now have started your CAT 2020 prep in full swing and would have not only gone through varied course material, but also started practicing tests – at a lesson, area and section level. Some of you might also have taken the leap to full length mocks. 
To further aid your learning process, we now present our 20 + 20 Practice Series.  

Under this series, we will use a 3-step process to add to your CAT prep. 

Step 1: Trying actual CAT questions through an Actual CAT Topic Test
  • Every week, we will release a test comprising selected actual CAT questions from a dedicated area e.g. Arithmetic or Venn Diagrams or Paragraph Summary etc.
  • This test will be available on our website for 3 days from Saturday to Monday so that you can take it at your leisure and analyse your performance through Reports.
Step 2: LIVE Analysis and Discussion of the CAT Topic Test 
  • Post the three-day window, we will conduct a LIVE session every Tuesday with all of you who have taken the test with an emphasis on the following:
  1. Ways of solving the same question (wherever applicable)
  2. Concepts being tested and techniques to identify these
Step 3: Testing yourself with a similar TestFunda Topic Test
  • Post the LIVE analysis, we will release a similar Topic Test from the same area (e.g. Arthmetic) that you can practice over a three-day period. 
All 40 tests can be launched from here

To summarise: 

Activity Validity
Actual CAT Topic Test (e.g. Arithmetic) Saturday to Monday
LIVE Analysis of CAT Topic Test Tuesday
CAT Practice Topic Test (same topic) Wednesday to Friday

These tests are OPEN for all registered TestFunda users, whether you have enrolled for any of our programs or not. All you need is a valid TestFunda username and password. 

NOTE: The first test – CAT Arithmetic - will be released on Saturday, 27 Jun 2020

Week Focus Area
1 Arithmetic
2 Data Interpretation
3 Reading Comprehension
4 Algebra
5 Numerical Logic
6 Paragraph Summary
7 Arrangements and Conditionalities
8 Geometry
9 Logical Puzzles
10 Modern Maths
11 Jumbled Sentences
12 Venn Diagrams
13 Arithmetic
14 Data Interpretation
15 Out-of-Context Jumbled Sentences
16 Numerical Logic
17 Algebra
18 Reading Comprehension
19 Logical Puzzles
20 Reading Comprehension

Happy studying and Wish you all the very best!
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