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CAT 2021 Revised Schedule – Mocks and Sectional Tests

CAT 2021 Revised Schedule – Mocks and Sectional Tests

TestFunda ,  22-Sep-21
Dear Users

As you would be aware, CAT 2021 has been announced as a 120 minute test like CAT 2020 due to COVID restrictions. 
Initially, the test pattern was expected to be identical to CAT 2020 with 76 questions. 
However, as per the latest announcement by the CAT 2021 Convenor, the number of questions in CAT 2021 is expected to further reduce for each section. 

Since CAT does not release the exact count of questions (total or sectional), we will releasing our forthcoming mocks with varying combinations of questions. These will range mostly from 66 to 72 (with a couple of exceptions). 

Based on this, our mocks and sectionals will get modified as under: 


Mocks Status Release Date Sectionals (1 per section) Status Release Date
iCAT 25 No Change
(76 question pattern)
Released ST 10 Re-released
Same test
(Reduced questions)
iCAT 24 ST 9
iCAT 23 ST 8
iCAT 22 ST 7
iCAT 21 ST 6
iCAT 20 ST 5
iCAT 19 ST 4
iCAT 18 ST 3
iCAT 17 ST 2
iCAT 16 Re-released
Same test
(Reduced questions)
22-Sep ST 1
iCAT 15
iCAT 14
iCAT 13 New Pattern
(Reduced questions)
iCAT 12 25-Sep
iCAT 11 29-Sep
iCAT 10 02-Oct
iCAT 09 06-Oct
iCAT 08 09-Oct
iCAT 07 13-Oct
iCAT 06 16-Oct
iCAT 05 20-Oct
iCAT 04 23-Oct
iCAT 03 27-Oct
iCAT 02 30-Oct
iCAT 01 03-Nov

Please feel free to contact us at or 91-9769663737 for more clarifications.
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