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TISS 2009

TISS 2009

disha.devnani ,  13-Dec-09
My center was at Nerul (Navi Mumbai) to get  to the center from my place I had to get up at 6 am. We were allowed to enter the center at 8.40 am for a 9 am exam, on entering the class room the papers and OMR sheets were distributed . We had to fill three things in the OMR sheet ... Name, Center and Form Number and the question paper had no seal. I could see other people in my class had already started with the paper as the invigilator was pre occupied with getting certain formalities done ... but I waited .. The paper started 9 am .. The first part of the paper was common for all courses .. a fairly easy paper ... a paragraph for an RC, standard 7level vocab and maths , two parajumbles and one para summary .. in general awareness questions like what is the full form of UNESCO were asked ...

I finished the paper in less than 30 mins ... I could even double check all my answers ... just for information the first section has 50 questions and the test time is 45mins

Then the next part of the paper started .. 1 hr    ..75 questions .. The Business awareness and the section on psychology and sociology comprised of laws and theories that only someone who has studied them would know ... the data sufficiency section was the simplest ... In Data Interpretation the there were three caslets either the questions could be solved by approximation or observation ... either ways the section was time consuming ... There were two RC's in RC section the first one was 3.5 sides and  had ten questions ... the other one was 1.5 sides ... the questions were not as easy as they were in the first part ... Here we did not get any extra time too ... One of my friends giving the exam in Kolkata got 10 mins more for the second part ... its just bad luck ... I should have flown there to take the exam ..
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