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SIBM-B GD/PI Experience

SIBM-B GD/PI Experience

abhishek.mathur ,  20-Apr-09
Venue: Catering College, Dadar, Mumbai

Date: 22nd February 2009
Time: 10 a.m.
SNAP Score: 72
Work Experience: 29 months 21 days

Selection for SIBM-B is done on the following criteria:
SNAP: 50
Academics: 05
Work Experience: 10 (0-12 months Zero, 12-30 months Five & >30 months Ten)
GD: 10
PI: 25

I reached the venue at 9.30 am. At around 10 a.m. they started scrutinizing the documents. The names of the candidates and their respective batches were displayed on a white board. I was in group ‘E’. After checking the documents they gave an impressive presentation about SIBM B. The campus looks neat.

We started the process with a GD. My group had 8 members, 3 with work ex. and 5 freshers. Our GD topic was an interesting and an innovative one. One of the three panelists said (topic), “I can choose only 2 of you. You have 15 min to come to a conclusion”. The GD started with people marketing themselves. Each one spoke about why they should be chosen. Finally we decided to vote and choose the 2 candidates who should be selected. Each candidate had to vote for 2 people. I won, 6 out of 8 voted for me. Everyone chipped in; we stayed away from the fish-market and reached a conclusion in time. All in all a good GD.

PI’s started immediately after the GD. The panelists were same as for the GD. I have listed the questions below:

1. You were the most popular guy in the GD, I think you bullied your group members; I do not want to hire you.
2. Why MBA? Why SIBM? Why not try for IIM-A or ISB?
3. What have you achieved as an engineer?
4. Three things about you that you would want to improve.
5. Three things you do other than work.

My interview lasted for around 10 minutes. It was a fun interview and I think I did well.

Overall a great experience. Coordinators were helpful, panelists were smiling and polite and the whole process was over by 11.30 a.m. 


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