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SBI PO Interview experience with Nidhi Bhagwat

SBI PO Interview experience with Nidhi Bhagwat

TestFunda ,  06-Feb-14
You must have always wondered what does it take to get past the written test and interview in the SBI PO recruitment process. Read through the following interview with Nidhi Bhagwat who made it through all of the above - 

Pre Exam:

1. Which bank entrance exams did you take last year?

2. When did you start your preparation?
During final year graduation

3. Did you have any separate strategy for the other exams apart from IBPS / SBI PO exams? 

4. Which was your strongest section and how did you prepare for it?
Maths.  I practiced many sets.

5. Which was your weakest section? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome? 
No, section was my weakest but I never liked studying computers. Though the syllabus is very easy, I found it very boring.

6. What were your reading habits?
Used to read 2-3 news papers editorials, competition magazines and would search relevant articles on internet.

7. What sources did you use for GK and CA? What are the important areas that you need to focus?
Competition magazines, newspapers, internet, current affairs capsules all across the internet were a really helpful.
Focus on important summits, group meetings, Economic policies and budget.

8. If you were in your final year while preparing, how did you balance academics and exam 
I used to do mental calculations in the class room, during boring lectures, lab sessions and while commuting. Slept 4-5 hours a day and Internet was only used for studies.

9. When did you start taking mocks and how many mocks did you take? How should one go about analysis of mocks? 
I used to solve at least 1 set daily and 4-5 on weekends. I also solved same sets many number of times. 

During Exam:

1. What question selection strategy did you follow in the actual examination? 
Started off with quant first as that was my forte, then ga, marketing and computers for that section was less time consuming and easy, then did reasoning followed by English. I solved RC passages at the end.

2. How did you manage the QA, VA, LR, CA and GK sections and what attempt strategy did you 
It was very easy.. attempted all but one in maths, 45-46 in gk/ca,  and don’t remember the no. of attempts in the rest two.

3. How did you prepare for the online RCs and DI sets? Where did you spend the maximum and least time? 
Minimum- gk/ca

Post Exam:

1. How did you prepare for the GD-PI? 
For Interview- Brushed up academics, read and reread DAF, searched extensively about my background, home town, favourite subjects, hobbies, extra curriculars, current affairs, banking etc
for GD- didn’t practice anything extra, used to do debates, GD in school and college.

2. How did you prepare for written assessment/essay writing, if there were any?
 No extra preparation. Practiced a few topics and went!

3. Actual GD experience. 
GD was good. Topic was “some rituals and customs are keeping India backward and some individuals and organizations are taking undue advantage of it”. I initiated the GD in both rounds. And spoke only relevant stuffs. Good 8-9 points. Maintained eye contact with other members.

4. Your actual interview experience- 
Interview board was very cordial. They asked me about- my GD experience, strengths, weaknesses, biotechnology, stem cells, genetic engineering, clones, AFSPA, Naxalism, girls in army/ military/police, Egypt and a few banking terms.

5. Based on your overall experience, what suggestions would you like to give for our readers – regarding prep for Bank entrances? 
The syllabus is really easy and small, all you need to do is to work on speed and accuracy. Keep motivating & challenging  yourself and work hard. Self study is the key.
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