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Online CAT, how the game changes!

Online CAT, how the game changes!

implex ,  08-Jul-09

In this blog, I will discuss how the ONLINE CAT changes QUANT Preparation.

CAT Goes Online!

With the CAT going online, there has been a surge of doubts and apprehensions in the minds of students. Some of them are being directed to me,  so I think its best to post it together for the benefit of one and all.

The Aftermath

I think with the online CAT being CBT ( Computer Based Test) and not compute adaptive, the effect on Quant section is less when compared to DI or VA sections. Still, the change is considerable.

The first change is in Quant, most of us solve it just by the side of Question and save time, of going to the rough pages. But, now everyone is at the same ground, so people who did write in font 6 lose some of their advantages. Now everyone has to first check the screen and solve it on paper, so everyone takes the same amount of  time in this step.

The Geometry Puzzle

For algebra, number theory, arithmetic and modern maths, there is no other recognisable change. As earlier you solved on question paper itself, now you will do it on rough sheet.

The major change is with geometry questions, the ones with figures given. It might happen, that you need to do some additional construction to get a clear picture, this will be cumbersome and add to the time taken to solve the question.  Even if the question does not need construction, but the nomenclature of angles will become a little difficult, like you could name angles 1, 2 etc and go fast and save time. Now, one has to be really careful with the angles or take the pain of redrawing the full figure, which might not be cakewalk either.

What to Do?

The general and most obvious trick is to avoid geometry, unless there is no other choice. The other trick is to practice doing the question without the need to draw the figure in full again. This can be only done, if we try and solve geometry sets on screen, and get used to doing it quick.  The habit of doing it on paper and pencil can backfire, if the paper comes geometry heavy.

One Last Advice

The last piece of advice is there is no reason to panic. If there is something for you, it is for everyone who is taking the test. How you go ahead and work, to tackle this issue, is what matters. What are you waiting for?

Good Luck!


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