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One Down 3 More To Go - My IIFT 2009 Experience

One Down 3 More To Go - My IIFT 2009 Experience

quest_4v ,  25-Nov-09
I reached the test venue ( Arcot Road, Chennai) at 8:30 AM. and to my surprise there were more than 500 students already there. 1200 candidates were appearing from my centre and to my knowledge there were more than 3 centres in Chennai alone. This was first public Competitive exam since AIEEE four years back. Seeing such a large crowd did surprise me at first.

I knew from the previous years paper that there was no sectional cut off in IIFT. Hence I was relying mostly on VA and GK sections to score the most. I didnt prepare well for Qunats and DI.

The test started at sharp 10 o' clock. My heart was pounding since I was appearing any public exam after long time. And to every ones' surprise, there were these instructions in bold " SECTIONAL CUT OFF MARKS FOR EACH SECTION". I was frozen for the moment and didnt know what to do. Soon I got hold of myself and prepared myself for the test.

I got Set D. the first section in the paper was GK which was quite easy as compared to previous years papers. around 5-6 questions on this sections were sitters. I did give me some confidence to start well.

Next I went to Quants and there my nightmare started. Most of the questions were too lengthy. Reading those questions took more time than solving them. I found this section quite difficult and wasted a lot of time ( 45 minutes to be exact) in this section. I hurriedly marked 7-8 questions and went on to next section.

In VA section, I was strong and followed my instincts. Despite preparing for the VA for the past few months, most of the words seemed new. The RC section had a heavier weight age that rest of VA section and I did well in this section. It took 45 minutes to complete the section and it did it to my satisfaction.

And finally I went to DI section. The extra time I wasted I Quants section took its tool in this section and I was left with very less time for DI. I attempted only those questions which were direct and didnt require graphical data. I attempted 6 questions in this section and the time was up.

Well now I think that a better strategy would have been to swap the order of quants and DI.

I was bit excited during exam which hampered my decision for selecting Quants for DI but now I regret that. But it did prepare me to deal with surprise.  I am expecting a score around 25 with very low score in DI. Hope I will do better in next exams.

All the best to all the readers.

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