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NITIE GD-PI Experience

NITIE GD-PI Experience

tusharsem ,  07-Apr-11

Xth : 82.2%
XIIth : 90.0%
BE (Electronics & Telecommunications) : 62.9%
25 months experience with HSBC GLT

Date : 17th March 2011
Venue : NITIE Mumbai

In NITIE you dont have slots (morning & afternoon) for the GD-PI process. Everyone is called at 8AM. They provide accommodation to everyone in the campus at a nominal charge.

They were 10 people in my group, only 1 female.

GD topic : Women make better managers :)
No of panelists : 4

Time : 3 mins to think + 17 mins to discuss + 3 mins to conclude
A topic on which there was a lot to discuss. It was the sort of discussion where almost everyone did well. There was a fish market once or twice but
people immediately stopped, mature speakers as they were :D. Examples from both sides were discussed along with qualities that both bring to the table. In the end we concluded that its a case of merit rather than gender.

Luckily, had to wait for less than an hour for the PI (The unlucky ones had to wait for 4,5 hours). Here goes,

L1 : A middle-aged lady prof to my left
L2 : Another middle-aged lady prof to my left
P1 : An oldish prof right in front of me
P2 : A young prof to my right
P3 : Another youngish prof to my right
M  : Me :P

M  : May I come in ?
(Nobody replies, everyone inside is talking to each other. L1 waves her hand at me telling me to come in. I enter)

P1 : Have a seat.
M  : Thank you.

P1 : Lovely combination of the shirt and tie.
P3 : What colour is this ?
M  : Off white, creamish sir.

P1 : Impressed
(P1, P2, P3 share a laugh. Dont know if that was sarcasm !)
P2 : (almost giggling) Your face resembles XXX.
M  : (smile) Yes sir I have been told many times.

P1 : Ok, Tushar you have 25 months of experience in all. This is IT right ? Why are there so many IT engineers coming to us for MBAs ?
M  : Yes, sir this is predominantly IT but in the banking and financial domain.
(cut short)

P1 : So, what do you want to do after an MBA.
M  : told

P1 : So, do you know what all would be there in that ?
M  : Yes, sir, it would involve Mergers & Acquisitions, Cost reductions, Org restructuring, increasing the efficiency of an org or a particular division etc.
(P1 points to P3 telling him to ask)
P3 : Talking about M & As as you mentioned, why do you think sometimes the stock price goes up when there is a merger and it also goes up when there is a
M  : It refelcts the market sentiment sir, how the investors feel about a deal like when Hero Honda split, their stocks increased because the investors
felt that it was the correct decision.

P3 : Do you think it is important to consider the investors while making such a deal like after Tata Corus deal, the stock price of Tata dropped ?
M  : Sir, the investors sentiment is important and must be considered but in the end the promoter of the org knows what plans he has for the org in the
next 5, 10, 20 yrs. He is in a better position to decide. But most of the people in the top and higher level management are given stock options so its
in their own interest as well if they consider the market sentiment.

P3 : (said something)
M  : Sir, in the end its about weighing the pros and cons of the deal and then going with whichever is heavier.
(P3 points to P2)

P2 : Going on the same lines, you know whats happening in Japan ?
M  : Yes sir

P2 : Ok, you know their stock market has crashed. But yesterday the Yen became stronger against the dollar. Why ?
M  : Sir, I think the US economy has some dependence on Japan, especially in two sectors - Automobile & electronics. So, since the supply chain and the
manufacturing plants are threatened this will affect the US economy as well.
(P3 nods but later on I found out that this was just a small part of the right answer.)

P2 : The govt of Japan has promised to inject XXX Yen into the economy.
M  : Yes sir, for an any economy to function there must be money flowing around. Gave an eg from the subprime crisis. So, probably this too had an affect
on the overall sentiment and made the Yen stronger.

P2 : What will happen to the home loan rates that many Indian institutions have taken from Japan ?
M  : Sir, I think the floating rates will increase given the situation of the economy.
(Silence everywhere. All go through my form)

L1 : What is an embedded system ?
(About time...I said to myself. NITIE is known for tech interviews aur yeh kya ho raha hai yahan)
M  : told

L1 : Tell me the features of an embedded system ?
M  : told. Gave example and explained how it differs from an OS or other larger systems.

L2 : Why are your marks less in engineering ?
M  : told (same thing about Pune university, tough etc etc)
(Gave a brief pause, wanted to explain things I did in college)

L2 : So what are the other calls you have ?
M  : Madam, MDI, IIT Delhi, NMIMS & IMT,

L2 : NMIMS has a different exam, the result is also out I think.
M  : The GD PI is over, the result is expected anytime now.

L2 : So whats your preference of institutes ?
M  : Madam, NITIE is my first preference. It is my dream college.

P1 : I am done.
(Looks at others)
P1 : Thank you.
P3 : Thanks for the compliment about NITIE.
M  : Thank you.

Verdict : Convert

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