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MY IMT GD PI Experience
MY IMT GD PI Experience
I had my interview on 2nd april at BIT Banglore.(8.30 am)

My Profile
(final year fresher)

Well to begin with there were about 60 persons on my batch and there were some 4 panels each having 18 students.

I was on panel 2.(As the last person)

First i went to BIT and noted i am short of photos and have also forgot to take xerox so went to xerox shop took xerox with the only black and white photo i had(). . .That too looked very old(Thereby my spirit became very low)(I Took that photo on some 10th standard and i tore it from my Train season ticket and sticked it).

After verification process were over we were given the situation analysis sheets.

The situation read some thing like this. .

You are the team leader in a company and management has dismissed one of your colleagues on the account of in efficient perfomance you should try to bring him back to the company.

This was over by something around 10 a.m.

Then had to wait till 12.45 for PI.

The panel consisted of 3 members 2 gentle men and one lady

One HR GUY(Old guy):H1
One Alumni(my guess):A1
One Lady(most probably prof):L1

I entered inside 
A1: Good Morning bharath what it was like the last person for the interview.
Me:Blah. .Blah. . Blah

L1,H1: Did u hear any feed back about us from people what was it like.
Me:Blah. .Blah. .Blah. . .

H1:Are u placed in any company?
Me: Yeah i am placed in company xxx

H1:What are the other calls u have?

H1:List it according to your priority

H1:Why IMT and why not IIT
ME: Explained IMT is a B-School IIT is not and gave other explanations like Alumni base of IMT and Faculties of IMT were good.

H1: Prioritise Others

H1:Why IIT Second not IMI asIMI is a B-School while IIT is not!
ME:Bcoz IIT has got a better rank than IMI and fore.(Some hoe covinced him huh!)

H1:What do u know about IMT Alumni's
ME: Told about zee group VP Saxena and others.

L1:What about Faculties?
ME:Said i dont remember there names but know that there qualification is high with PHD's etc.

H1o u know the directors name?
ME:(I was weighting for this question) Answerewd it. . .DR.Anwar Ali.

H1:Any others
ME:(oh no). .Remained silent and told i dont know

H1:Any current Affair news
Me:Right to Education Bill

H1:Is it possible to implement it
Me:Not possible now but possible in the longer run and gave some explanation about it.

L1,H1,A1:Thats it from our side. You can leave.

(In the middle H1 said u r smart i dont know why i said no twice when he said that).

Now lets see what happens next. Overall a good interview for me. Anyway conversion will be too difficult for me due to my low CAT Score.
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