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My FMS 2010 test taking experience

My FMS 2010 test taking experience

Arifa ,  11-Jan-10

With FMS over on 10th Jan, finally the rat-CAT race is over for me…. (At least for this year). So, let me describe my FMS taking experience with all you people.

When I heard that my centre was my own graduation college, I just prayed that I just get a good seat (because the college is known for its bad infrastructure). I reached at 1.45 p.m and was amused to see many students confused about which way to go. It brought back memories of my first year when I used to get totally lost in the college (as it is really a huge place)…..

I found my classroom easily and as I had wished, the bench was good but there was no fan above. It was my first year classroom and I knew the fans (or the benches) were placed in such a way that no matter which place you sit, you will be sweating.

 We started the paper at 2.10. I got the series 20 and was shocked to see 3.5 pages RC (Market strategy) but ended attempting it because it had almost 25 questions.  I didn’t know that it was from a previous paper and took almost 20 mins to finish it. I moved onto the (Vocabulary+Calendar GK+root words) section and attempted 25 questions again in 20 minutes.

Then I started with the LR-DI section and took almost 40 mins as I found one-two questions wrong from every set that I picked up. Attempted almost 24 questions; it was the easiest section of all.

Then I took 5-6 minutes to circle the ovals and was back on the last section Quant (my nemesis). I was really flagged running through the whole paper that I could attempt only 18 questions. We gave the paper at 4.08 (Yeah….2 minutes early but that’s fine for me as I was really tired).

When they signaled us to leave, I just thanked that the speed paper was just of 2 hours.

As I caught the window seat in the train while coming back home, I evaluated myself and thought that I had given my best.





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These are my scores. I don’t know why they differ so much. But, whether I clear the cut-off or not, I know that through this whole process of learning, I have improved. I started off by getting a mere 46 percentile in mocks and soared to a 90 percentile (Yes that was my max. this year). If this year I don’t make it, I will happily be back with a bang next year.

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