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MDI Gurgaon Experience

MDI Gurgaon Experience

tusharsem ,  11-Apr-11

Xth   : 82.2%
XIIth : 90.0%
BE (Electronics & Telecommunications) : 62.9%
25 months experience with HSBC GLT

CAT Percentile : 98.37

Date  : 28th March 2011, 2 PM slot
Venue : MDI Gurgaon

No of people in the group : 10. One was absent so total 9. 3 females.

GD topic : Is MBA useful or of ornamental value ?
No of panelists : 2

Time : 3 mins to think + 15 mins to discuss + 2 mins to conclude individually starting from no 1 to 10.

Before the GD we were given sheets (no pen/pencil) and were told that we would have to write a summary but the panelists didnt ask us for one. The first
girl forgot to bring a pen/pencil and asked the other people in the group for it. One of the panelists heard that and gave his pen to her smilingly :D.

Overall the GD was decent. We went off track a couple of times but came back to the point quickly. The last 2 mins were a little repetitive of what we had
already discussed but then the group concluded well.

The PIs started immediately after the GD.

L1 : A middle-aged lady prof to my right
P1 : A very young prof to my left (probably not even 30 and no he wasnt an alum, I checked :))
M  : Me :P

M  : May I come in.
L1 : Come in.
(I enter)

M  : Good afternoon.
P1 : Afternoon.
L1 : Good afternoon.
(I go and stand next to the chair, both browse thru my form. This goes on for about 20 secs.)

P1 : Please sit down.
M  : Thank you sir

P1 : So whats the temperature outside?
M  : Sir about 34 degrees C.

P1 : Really, last I checked it was about 43 degrees.
M  : Sir, I think its in the mid-thirties.

P1 : Ok, so if its so hot why are you wearing a tie ?
M  : Sir, its a formal occasion. This is the least of what is expected.

P1 : No but you see I am wearing a T-shirt.
M  : Yes sir but in the corporate world also we would be wearing this...
(cut short)

P1 : No no its not like that, what are you saying.
M  : Sir what I was saying was that when we go to meet a client or a customer we would be expected to dress up formally. Plus it also helps create a good
first impression.

P1 : Yes, so what brand of tie is this that you are wearing ?
(For some reason I decided to wear my dad's tie that day. So didnt know)
M  : Sir, Tie-rack

P1 : Kitne ka kharida
M  : Sir 450/-.

P1 : Yaar sasta mila
M  : Sir, I bought it in a sale (smile).

P1 : So, this brand of tie S_____ (cant remember the name) also sells ties but they are very expensive. Why ?
M  : Sir, probably their margins would be more.

P1 : Their cost incurred is almost the same but they still charge so much. Which one you think is better ?
M  : Sir I think it depends on the market you want to target, what kind of consumers are you looking at.

P1 : Can you give me an example of this kind of a product that is used in day-to-day life ?
M  : Sir a toothpaste. Gave example of Colgate and Amway's toothpaste Glister.

L1 : Products of Amway are not available to every retail consumer. What is this kind of marketing called ?
M  : Am sorry madam, am not aware of that.

L1 : Ok.
P1 : Give me some other example.
M  : Sir, shampoo...
(cut short)

P1 : What about Lifebuoy ?
M  : Yes sir that would be a good example.

(Brief silence...both go thru my form)

P1 : So you are an Electronics engineer. I have always been pissed about something...rather confused about the difference between Electronics & Electrical.
Can you tell us about it ?
M  : Yes sir, Electrical is about the study of conductors of electricity like a fan while electronics is about the study of semiconductors like diodes,
transistors etc. Also, most electrical devices operate in the range 0-220V while most electronic devices can be powered in the 0-5V range.

L1 : Well, I see that had Economics as an optional subject in XIIth. Why is that ?
M  : Madam, I had an interest in the subject, I felt I had an inclination towards it and hence decided to take it.

L1 : Ok, now since you've studied Economics, can you define it for me ?
M  : Ummmm...aaaa....ummmm (said something, quite an ordinary definition with a lot of pauses :P)

P1 : India has seen the best and worst of globalisation in the past decade. Comment.
M  : Very true sir.
(Said one line, was cut short, some discussion continues, dont remember the complete details)

P1 : What does it mean when we say that the rupee is devalued against the dollar ?
M  : It means that the dollar has become stronger against the rupee ie if earlier 1$=Rs45 and now 1$=Rs50 then we can say the rupee has been devalued against the dollar.

L1 : Can you tell me about the Rupee vs Dollar value, I mean what should it be, high or low ?
M  : Well madam a balance has to be maintained...
(cut short)

L1 : Explain with an example.
M  : Madam, for eg - Say Infosys takes care of the software development of a US bank, say JP Morgan. Now they charge them at 100$ per hour currently when 1$=Rs45. Tomorrow if the 1$=Rs47, it'll be better for Infosys as they stand to earn more. So, the exporters are benefitted. But when we do any
international trade eg buying any defence equipment or buying oil we will be at a loss. So, there is a need for a balance.

P1 : Ok can you tell me about what all has become expensive after the budget ?
M  : Yes sir, eating in AC restaurants that serve liquor has become expensive...
(cut short)

P1 : Articles, give me articles...say Tobacco ?
M  : Yes sir it has become expensive...

P1 : Diesel, how much ?
M  : I am not sure sir.

P1 : Cars
M  : Yes sir cars in the higher segment have become expensive. In fact the registration cost is also being increased in a few states.

P1 : Ok why do you want to do an MBA ?
M  : answering but cut short

L1 : What is an MBA ?
M  : told

P1 : Can you tell me all the ranks of the Army ?
M  : Yes sir, earlier the juniormost rank was Second Lieutenant. Now its, Lieutenant, then Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier,
Major General...
(cut short)

P1 : Ok, who is the Finance minister ?
M  : Mr Pranab Mukherjee

P1 : Foreign minister ?
M  : Mr SM Krishna

P1 : Defence minister ?
M  : Mr AK Antony

P1 : Governor of Delhi ?
M  : Mr Tejindra Khanna

P1 : Mr ?? (giggling). Ok thank you.
M  : Thank you.

Verdict : Awaited


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