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MDI GD/PI Experience

MDI GD/PI Experience

sumit2goody ,  31-Mar-10

MDI Experience

CAT Score:
Aggregate – 98.92
X – 81.4
XII – 89.2
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age – 78.8.(Electronics and Communication)

Work-Ex (number of months): 33
Sector : IT

VENUE: Gurgaon, 9:30 AM, 30th March, Panel 5

GD Details:
Topic: Poverty Vs Food Law
Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 2 min to think, 15 min to talk
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Was ok GD with a lot of One on One, Chipped in thrice with example of sugar in maharasthra and benefits of NREGA, UID etc…in the end 2 min prior to end panel asked to summarise , so at that time summarized what we discussed in the GD.

Interview (The Most Amazing One)

M: A Male prof

L: A Lady prof

S: Sumit

M: I have heard the name ‘Sumit’ a lot. What does it means?

S: Explained him about it

M: So you belong to Ludhiana

S: Yes Sir, But Currently in Chandigarh

L: Working with Infosys

S: yes Madam

M: Ok, tell me about your childhood

S: I Did my scholling from St.Thomas…

M(interrupted): Is is catholic or protestant?

S: Catholic Sir, and then told him that was the school topper in +1 and +2, youngest student to get and IT diploma course from Aptech Computer Education.

M: That’s it?

S: Sir then I did my engg from Guru Nanak Dev Engg College in Electronics and communication

M: You are from GNE? (The common lingo name for my college)

S: Yes Sir

M: Do you know ABC (name of a prof of mine)

S: yes Sir, I know him but I haven’t been taught by him

M to L: Good that you have not been taught by him otherwise we would have grilled you.

Me Smiles

L: So you are from electronics and communication, (telling to M to ask)

M: So tell me how radar functions

S: told a bit.

M : Why it is in the dish shape and not straight

S: Gave some explanation , wasn’t comvinced so asked me to tell more

1 min he kept on grilling on this and told me come on its yur college reputation is at stake..

M: Ok last if I invert the dish and the linear radar, which one is better

S: Linear one sir

M: Ok that’s it Sumit Bye

It was hardly for 4 min and he just asked me one acad question and the meaning of my name. I don’t know what to infer from this, I was the second last to go so either they had made their mind earlier only to chuck me or take me..Dont Know..Just hoping for the best


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