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Life at IMT: my expectations

Life at IMT: my expectations

dr.nisheeth ,  29-Oct-09

this was a response to life at imt question in a college assignment questionnaire. here it follows and the account could be a little exaggerated

When I reached IMT on Sunday 21st June, I must pleasantly admit the campus was much better than I had envisaged. The lunch was very good and the whole process of admission went very smoothly.  The SAC Committee was very thoughtful in arranging the essential shopping stuff for us like mattresses locks etc. And the initial feel of nightlife here is beyond words.This has really whetted my appetite about the next 2 years here. The library is awesome and I plan to spend a lot of time there. There is a very vibrant and lively feel to the campus what with IMT buzzing with some or the other activities at all the times. The campus is very well lit at night. And the amphitheatre looks like a lot of fun. Also something really worth mentioning and commending is the mess food .I have personally never had better food in any hostel mess ever. So there are definitely not to be any gastronomic worries for the next 2 yrs except how to avoid getting fatter. I have been away from campus life for quite some time and then to jump into such an active one, this is turning into one hell of a roller coaster ride and I am definitely not complaining. I expect the sky from life at IMT in the next 2 years of my stay. I expect my life at imt would be highly satisfying in terms of the kind of knowledge I would gain, the people I would be surrounded by, there probably is nothing more to ask for a student who aspires to be amongst the best. I know the day would start with a mad rush to lecture halls not before failing to grab a bite of delectable morsel at the mess.  Breakfast I would hate to miss. IMT has a really great faculty and it would be a privilege to be taught by some of the best business faculty in the country. The day is sure to pass by at a frenetic pace and as the night will dawn the CAMPUS will really wake up. Will we get enough sleep. But then who will really care. And again who will actually want to sleep through the real fun and later be content with second hand gossip instead of real time. It is going to be 2 yrs of Hard Fun that will set the tone for the rest of my professional life. . Indeed I am 100% sure that the next 2 years of my life are going to be my most memorable days : what I do and how I spend these 2 years are going to decide how I would be spending the rest of my professional life. Life would revolve around Massive Books, Thick Assignments, Quizzes, Strict & Best Teachers, Case Studies, Sports, Clubs, Challenges, High level of competition, Best minds and I already feel the blood rushing through my veins and what excitement it would provide for. What I really expect from myself is to sustain myself for the whole hog with consistency and come out with flying colours in all I strive for. Also development of one’s personality is very important, the Curriculum and the activities which will be undergoing at IMT will revolve around how to be an effective manager, There are various aspects which would come into play here are, communications skills, Ability to Comprehend deep and thick Information. Logical Deduction, ability to judge a situation, maturity etc and I believe IMT will bring the best out of me. I also hope for an overall marked improvement and come out of IMT as a changed man for better. I expect to learnt Ethics and Etiquettes too and would like to make a difference in a few lives through MADF. To sum it up, Life at IMT would be one that would have the significance of a life long association with a great institute, Academia and Friends. A big thanks to IMT .



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