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IRMA 2009 - My Test-Taking Experience

IRMA 2009 - My Test-Taking Experience

Eureka! ,  10-Nov-09

This is my second year when I am playing the MBA game. This year, I decided to take IRMA to practise my circle darkening skills for the other exams.

Little did I know my woes were just beginning..........

I live in Mumbai city. I figured my centre would be close to my residence or at least a distance that could be easily travelled at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning. But no, what did they give me. Bhandup
The area was called Bhatti pada???? Um?  The road to the centre was called Jangal Mangal road???? Where was this?

It was an extremely shady area with narrow roads and nonexistent footpaths.

I think IRMA ensured a centre where people could get a feel of the ‘gaav ka atmosphere’.

The admit card said come before 9:15 sharp?????? Could they be any vaguer? Yes they could. I discovered that when I saw the paper.

The invigilator decided that everyone was an idiot. It felt as if you were sitting in an aeroplane where the stewardess does these hand signs.
The lady in question eloquently informed the class at a large, “This is a stapled copy. You should not open staples on left to open copy”.

Um madam, we are not kindergarten children. We understand the concept of NOT OPENING the staples.

The lady in question went on to explain that she would distribute the question booklets at 9:50 sharp. A wise ass student cracked 9:15/9:50?
She showed her claws as she screeched, “If you have a hearing problem it is your hearing problem not my hearing problem”.


Then things went on smoothly for some time till I got my hands on the answer sheet. It had 300 questions on it. Now we know that IRMA is a 200 question paper then why would its answer sheet have place to mark 300 answers.

Panic ensued till the test booklets were distributed which contained 200 questions only.

The paper as a whole was fairly along the lines of the last years' IRMA paper.
Section I    -    Verbal Ability    
Section II    -    Quant & DI
Section III    -    Analytical Reasoning
Section IV    -    Issues of Social Concern (GK)

I sailed through the verbal section which was easy, with no particular question type being difficult. It had the usual chunk of questions like RC, synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks, jumbled. I attempted all 40 questions.

The QA and DI section were also relatively easy. I attempted 28 questions.

The AR section was another ball game. I found this section increasingly difficult as there were 20 CR and 30 LR questions. It was time consuming, boring, had a high ambiguity level especially the true/false questions. I attempted around 12 CR questions and 17 LR questions. The blood relation, direction, placement questions were easy.

The GK section was irritating in the extreme. I attempted around 30 questions.

So I guess I ended up attempting 127 questions.

The invigilator lady collected the question booklets and the answer sheets. She asked us to remain in our seats till the supervisor took away the answer sheets.


She actually locked us in the classroom to ensure that no one left.
That was very annoying.

So I guess the paper writing experience was OK, but the centre at Bhandup left a lot to be desired.

Other than that nothing much…. Studying for IIFT now. Will write back then with that eye opening experience..


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