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Interview with SNAP 99+ percentiler Mr. Akshaya Iyer

Interview with SNAP 99+ percentiler Mr. Akshaya Iyer

TestFunda ,  17-Dec-15
SNAP 2015 is this Sunday, 20th December. These are the last few crucial days before the test. We spoke to Akshaya Iyer who scored 99.76%ile in SNAP 2014 and is currently pursuing his MBA in marketing from SCMHRD (2015-17 batch).

Take a look at his interview to get an idea about his preparation strategy for SNAP. You will also get a few tips on how to go about the test on the day of the exam. Most important, you get a glimpse of the kind of life you can expect at SCMHRD.


Tf : Hello, Please tell us your name and the name of your institute.

Akshaya : I am Akshaya Iyer from SCMHRD.

Tf : Please share your educational background.

Akshaya: I did my 10th and 12th from Campion school Bhopal. I finished my Btech in Electronics and Communication in 2014. After my Btech I worked at Musigma Business Solutions, Bangalore as a decision scientist.

Tf: What is the name of the course that you are currently pursuing? Have you opted for a specialisation? If yes then which one and why?

Akshaya: I opted to pursue SCMHRD's flagship MBA program and chose to specialize in marketing. I was always fascinated with brands and products which is why I chose marketing - to build up on my area of interest and to eventually become a strategic business executive in the challenging marketing field.

Tf: How is life at SCMHRD? Is it the way you had expected it to be? What exactly did you hear about the institute before you joined the program? Is life at the institute similar or different from what you heard before joining it?

Akshaya: At SCMHRD we have a tight schedule. We generally stay up till 2 am to finish our latest assignment but still wake up early to attend corporate lectures. It doesn't end at that. After the lectures we have brainstorming sessions for committee work throughout the day. My institute has  been beyond what I expected since I came across people from various cultures and diverse backgrounds. Here we have doctors, Chartered accountants, lawyers, Commerce grads and national level athletes all in our batch.

Tf:   If you had to list  down a few positives about your college what would you?

Akshaya: The positives about my college are -
  • The institute is driven by students – Students autonomously plan and execute events of high importance like placements, cultural fests, admissions and corporate lectures.
  •  We get to participate in various corporate competitions from leading brands worldwide such as Mahindra War Room, Philips Blueprint, Loreal Brandstorm and Titan Elevate.
  • Our rigorous academic curriculum tests our mettle and ensures that we are prepared to juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time which in turn will help us be a better manager.
TF:    Most candidates prepare for a variety of MBA exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT etc, along with preparing for SNAP since their syllabus is more or less similar. How is the strategy used for preparing for SNAP different from the strategy used for preparing for other MBA exams?

Akshaya: SNAP is slightly different from other exams since also students are tested on General Knowledge as well as Verbal, Quant and LR. SNAP is primarily a speed test and it is highly important to attempt maximum number of questions and also maintain the level of accuracy. As I prepared for SNAP, my main focus was on LR since its the most crucial section and it has a weightage of 60 marks. Quant was my strongest section which is why I gave 30 mins to it and tried to attempt maximum questions.

TF:  One of the important part in the selection process is GE-PI. Please share some tips to crack the GE-PI?

Akshaya: You are right, GE – PI carries 50% weightage in the final selection process and is extremely important. After SNAP IT’s overwhelming success in 23 cities, to help students prepare for the next part of the selection process, the admissions team at SCMHRD is planning to introduce EMBARK 2.0. It will be available to students in January this coming year. EMBARK 1.0 prepared students for Quant, LR, English questions and GK. EMBARK 2.0 will help students get ready for the next step in the selection process all for free. Students will be able to view Tips and Tricks on how to perform better in GE and Interviews.

TF: What kind of study plan did you follow?

Akshaya: I solved a lot of questions from the Quants section to gain practice. To prepare for Verbal and GK sections I used to go through a word list every day and read current affairs.

TF: Is it important for students to join any kind of coaching institute to prepare for the test? Or is it enough to study by oneself?

Akshaya: I did not join any coaching institute for my second attempt. I think that studying by oneself is very important and it is enough to crack the test. But some kind of expert guidance can give you an extra edge. I got guidance from my mentors Ajay Zener (IIM-A alumni) and Kushal Bohra(Currently studying in NMIMS).

TF: How did you allocate time to each section during SNAP? On which section did you spend more time?

Akshaya: Since Quant was my strongest section I spent more time on it in every paper. However in SNAP my focus was more on Logical Reasoning since it is the section with a lot more weightage.

TF: While preparing for SNAP what did you do to improve on your weak areas?

Akshaya: I took a lot of sectional tests for Verbal ability and GK. I practised a lot to get a better score.

TF: What do you think is an appropriate time frame to prepare thoroughly for SNAP? How many days in advance did you start preparing for it?

Akshaya: I think around 1-1.5 months is the ideal time frame to prepare for SNAP. I started preparing one month in advance since I was already done with majority of the syllabus while preparing for other exams.
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