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Interview with Saurabh Agarwal (IMT Ghaziabad)

Interview with Saurabh Agarwal (IMT Ghaziabad)

TestFunda ,  28-Oct-09

An interview with Saurabh Agarwal
who is currently pursuing his MBA at IMT, Ghaziabad.

1.    What does an MBA mean to you? Why do you want to pursue it?

For me MBA is a route to success. MBA is basically value addition which enables a person to take up higher responsibilities in the corporate world. I am pursuing MBA as it will help me to achieve my goal in life that is to become an entrepreneur.

2.    What’s your educational background? How do you think it will help you gain an edge over your peers?
I am a commerce graduate with B.Com (hons.) degree. Being a commerce student helps as there are some common subjects from my graduation. I feel that an MBA is an extension to my graduation.

3.    Which institute are you doing your MBA from?
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad.

4.    Did you enrol for any special coaching? Did it help?
Yes. Coaching helped me to be regular in my preparation for CAT and mock tests helped me assess the competition that I had to face in various entrance examinations and judge where I stand and to analyse my strong and weak sections in CAT.

5.    Do you have any work experience prior to joining the course? If yes, in what way, do you feel, it will help you gain an edge over your peers?
I don’t have any prior work experience.

6.    Which section(s) of the paper do/did you find most difficult to conquer? Why? How do you plan to overcome these hurdles?
I found Verbal Ability to be the most difficult to conquer as reading was never my cup of tea but I had to read long RC passages for CAT. To overcome this,  I forced myself into reading. I started reading fictions and gradually reading became one of my interests which has helped me a lot.

7.    Now that CAT’s changed to a Computer based format, what are your thoughts on this change? If you were to give CAT this year, would it alter your preparations?
This change was very much required to cater to increase the number of CAT takers and to reduce the errors in CAT. I would not have altered my preparation but would definitely have practiced some mock tests online to adapt to the change.

8.    Given the unpredictable nature of CAT, what other googlies are you expecting CAT to throw at students this year?
I feel there will be smaller RC passages and more verbal logic questions in the VA section this year. Also I expect number of questions in QA and DI to increase.

9.    What are your expectations from your B-school? Which institutes, according to you, fulfil your expectations?
I expect IMT to imbibe knowledge and practical experience in me to enable me to withstand competition in the corporate world. According to me various IIMs, XLRI, FMS, MDI, IMT, S. P. Jain, IIFT will fulfil these expectations.

10.    What field of specialisation are you more likely to pursue? Why?
My field of specialisation is Human Resources. I have chosen this field as I believe that human resource is the most important resource in any organisation .If I am able to handle human resources effectively all other resources will take care of themselves.

11.    Where do you see yourself after you’ve done your MBA?
I would like to work in an industry for around 5 years to gain first-hand experience and after that I will utilize my learning from IMT and work experience to be successful as an entrepreneur.

12.    The IIMs, by far, are the most sought after b-schools. What, according to you, makes them so popular to students and companies akin?
All the IIMs have good faculty, state of the art infrastructure and an amazing and honest selection process of the students.

13.    A word of advice for future MBA aspirants.
Preparation for CAT is very important. The most important part of preparation is self analysis through mock tests. Find out what are your weak and strong areas and make a strategy that best suits you. Hard work can take you only so far, the real clincher is proper planning and execution. Work not only on your weak areas but your strengths as well.

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