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Interview with Romeet Chhabra (MDI, Gurgaon)

Interview with Romeet Chhabra (MDI, Gurgaon)

TestFunda ,  17-Nov-09

An interview with Romeet Chhabra
(CAT -08 – 99.03 percentile)
who is currently pursuing his MBA at MDI, Gurgaon.

1.    What does an MBA mean to you? Why do you want to pursue it?
MBA is a necessary degree to be competitive in today’s markets. Besides, it helps in building business concepts that I, being from a technical background, was never exposed to.

2.    What’s your educational background? How do you think it will help you gain an edge over your peers?
B.E. (Computer Science), Fr. CRCE, Mumbai University.
I have learnt very few concepts during my engineering that are useful here. The only use is better understanding when Information Technology (IT) related aspects are being taught.

3.    Which institute are you doing your MBA from?
Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon.

4.    Did you enrol for any special coaching? Did it help?
No. I enrolled only for the test series from IMS and TIME.

5.    Do you have any work experience prior to joining the course? If yes, in what way, do you feel, it will help you gain an edge over your peers?

Yes. This is very useful when it comes to subjects that talk about work culture, work-life balance and cultural differences. It is also useful in subjects dealing with HR policies, product marketing etc.

6.    Which section(s) of the paper do/did you find most difficult to conquer? Why? How do you plan to overcome these hurdles?

I had issues with DI and Quant. The Verbal and LR sections were fine. I just devoted more time and effort in the paper to these sections.

7.    Now that CAT’s changed to a Computer based format, what are your thoughts on this change? If you were to give CAT this year, would it alter your preparations?
I think computer based format for CAT is a good idea as far as test taking is concerned. However, I seriously doubt the robustness of the system. As far as preparation is concerned I don’t think I would have altered it.

8.    Given the unpredictable nature of CAT, what other googlies are you expecting CAT to throw at students this year?
Each section could be individually timed as against the paper being timed as a whole.

9.    What are your expectations from your b-school? Which institutes, according to you, fulfil your expectations?

Expectations from my B-school include good pedagogy, peer learning, alumni support/network, exposure to real life situations/cases and infrastructure. I believe most of the top tier schools fulfil these basic expectations.

10.    What field of specialisation are you more likely to pursue? Why?
Finance. I do not find marketing very interesting. I might look into OPs and/or Information Management as a minor.

11.    Where do you see yourself after you’ve done your MBA?

Definitely involved with some challenging and interesting work in a reputed organisation.

12.    The IIMs, by far, are the most sought after b-schools. What, according to you, makes them so popular to students and companies alike?
Pedigree and Alumni.

13.    A word of advice for future MBA aspirants.    
Be sure of what you want to pursue, research before hand and don’t settle for anything lesser.

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