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Interview with Dinesh Yadav (IIM-B)

Interview with Dinesh Yadav (IIM-B)

TestFunda ,  13-Oct-10

Academic Background:

B.E. (Electrical), M.Tech. (Energy), PGDFM

Work Experience:
6 years (IMS, TIME, PT education, Zeus)

What you are currently doing:
PGDM from IIM, Bangalore

1)    Which exams did you appear for last year?


2)    When did you start your preparations?
This was my fifth attempt, so I started about 6 years back.

3)    Did you have any separate strategy for the other exams apart from CAT?
Yes, in exams like IRMA and FMS speed plays a major role. Similarly for high end exams like XAT I focused on accuracy.
The question types and difficulty level of exams differ very much, hence adopting to different pattern is important.

4)    Which was your strongest section and how did you prepare for it?
QA was my strong area hence I have not prepared for it. Just attempted last year’s question papers to understand the pattern.

5)    Which was your weakest section? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
VA was my weak section; I had given relatively more time to solve RC and CR during tests.

6)    If you were a working professional, how did you manage your time?
As a working professional, I found RC and CR easy to comprehend and develop logic. Weekends can be fully devoted for preparation and mock tests.

7)    When did you start taking mock CATs and how many mock CATs did you take?
I have started taking the mock CATs from April onwards. I always believe that we can learn new concepts while analyzing the mocks.

8)    What question selection strategy did you follow in the actual examinations?
I generally start from the first question to move up to last attempting all the easy questions first, irrespective of the section. I repeat the process if time permits for the remaining questions.

9)    How did you prepare for the online RCs and DI sets?
Online RCs in CAT were smaller then offline CATs, the concepts remain the same, just practiced mocks online. Similar was the case with DI. Understanding of the exam player and getting used to it during mocks is important. TestFunda’s simulated exam players helped a lot.

10)    What were your reading habits, if any?

I generally do not read in hard copy. I read articles online and newsletters like Knowledge@Wharton, Silicon India, TestFunda etc. 

11)    How did you prepare for the GD-PI?  
For GD-PI I have written answers for all the most commonly asked questions, SOP etc. Seen some video lectures by experts for do’s and don’ts.  GD-PI book by TestFunda was very handy at the last moment.

12)    How did TestFunda courseware help you?
I have extensively used TestFunda’s previous yeas question papers during my preparation. I have also taken Mocks for CAT and other exams from TestFunda.

13)    Any other TestFunda features that you believe would help in the last 3 months?
Alerts for exams, forms, pattern etc were useful. QoDs are always useful any time.
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