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Interview with CAT 2015 - 99.25 percentiler Abhishek Agarwal

Interview with CAT 2015 - 99.25 percentiler Abhishek Agarwal

TestFunda ,  17-Feb-16
The third in our interview series is an interview with Abhishek Agarwal who scored 99.25%ile in CAT 2015. Go through his interview to get an idea about his preparation strategy for CAT. You will also get a few tips on how to go about the test on the day of the exam. 


1. Tell us about your educational background?
[A.A] : I did my B.Tech from NIT Surathkal in Electrical & Electronics in 2010 . I have 5.5 years of Experience in IT.

2. Is this your first attempt to crack CAT?
[A.A] : No , this is my second attempt . In my first attempt I got around 92 percentile.

3. When did you start preparing for CAT and what kind of study plan did you follow?
[A.A] : I started preparing for CAT 3 months before the actual CAT. The first 2 months I devoted 60% of my time to Verbal Ability (my weak section), 20%, 20% to the other 2 sections.

4. Which study material did you use to crack the test?
[A.A]: I used Test Funda site, few other books and newspapers.

5. Did our courses help you prepare for CAT?
[A.A] : Of course , Test Funda courses are a great source of learning .

6. Which was your strongest and weakest section and how did you prepare for it?
[A.A] : Strongest section was Quantitative Ability and Weaker section was Verbal ability. I prepared for both by giving more priority to Verbal Ability.

7. If you were a working professional, how did you manage your time? OR If you were in your final year while preparing for CAT how did you balance academics and preparing for the test?
[A:A] : Being a working professional, I used to give 2-3 Hours of my time daily to preparation on weekdays and around 6-8 hours on Weekends. Mock Tests help a lot .

8. According to you how many months in advance should a student start preparing for the test?
[A.A]: It depends totally on the student’s caliber and amount of effort he/she can put in the last months. Still 6 Months are required to prepare for Actual CAT.

9. Tell us about your experience on the exam day. Also share your question selection strategy.
[A.A] : On exam day I was a bit confident as I prepared well so there was no nervousness. I attempted all questions in Verbal Ability but DI part was tough and was able to attempt only 22 Questions. Actually I divided 30-30 minutes between DI and Logical reasoning. Quantitative ability section was easy and I attempted 26 questions and most of the non-MCQs were easy and I was getting the answers as well.

10. Would you like to share any other tips with students who are planning to take CAT 2016? OR What would you like to tell those who will be taking CAT this year?
[A.A]: CAT is a competitive exam and it totally depends on how many are there who are ahead of you and you get to know this through Mock CATs only. It is a balanced exam in which you need to perform well in all 3 sections. Find out your weakness and strong areas and try to balance all.

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