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Interview with CAT 2015 - 97.11 percentiler Divya Agarwal

Interview with CAT 2015 - 97.11 percentiler Divya Agarwal

TestFunda ,  11-Feb-16
CAT 2015 results are out. We spoke to Divya Agarwal who scored 97.11%ile in CAT 2015 and is now one step closer to getting into a reputed B-school. Take a look at her interview to get an idea about her preparation strategy for CAT. You will also get a few tips on how to go about the test on the day of the exam. 


1. Tell us about your educational background?
I did my graduation from IIT Roorkee in ECE branch and then worked with Infosys for a year as a Technology Analyst.

2. Is this your first attempt to crack CAT?
No. This was my 2nd attempt.

3. When did you start preparing for CAT and what kind of study plan did you follow?
I needed an improvement in Verbal over the previous years so I started reading a good newspaper (no TOI). It definitely helps as it increases one’s reading speed and enhances vocabulary. For QA and DI/LR you just need to focus on key concepts. What happens in the exam is that the questions are twisted in different ways but understanding key concepts will help you get through.

4. Which study material did you use to crack the test?
I did not refer to any study material. For QA revise key formulae from NCERT books.

5. Did our courses help you prepare for CAT?
The level of questions at Testfunda is above the level of actual CAT questions so if anyone is preparing with Testfunda courseware then he/she can definitely score more in actual CAT exam.

6. If you were a working professional, how did you manage your time? OR If you were in your final year while preparing for CAT how did you balance academics and preparing for the test?
I don’t think it requires a huge amount of time to prepare for the exam. You can prepare even at work if you are allowed to do so. Just try to focus on key concepts.

7. According to you how many months in advance should a student start preparing for the test?
It depends on your level of confidence and the kind of clarity required. Ideally I think 4 months are sufficient.

8. Tell us about your experience on the exam day. Also share your question selection strategy.
My center was very far from my place. It took me 2.5 hours to reach there. The center admin was very strict in checking and all. One more advice, always read the instructions carefully, Aadhar card was not allowed because of which many students faced problems on that day. So try and avoid unnecessary pressure.

9. Would you like to share any other tips with students who are planning to take CAT 2016? OR What would you like to tell those who will be taking CAT this year?
Be confident and don’t get nervous. If the paper is tough it is so for everyone. Try to attempt those questions the answers to which you know for sure.

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