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Interview Series with IIM Call Getters - Ankit Sud

Interview Series with IIM Call Getters - Ankit Sud

TestFunda ,  24-Apr-12

As the next installment in our interview series with IIM call getters, we present to you Ankit Sud who scored  99.83 percentile in CAT 2011 and got 8 IIM calls (Kolkata, Lucknow, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Trichy, Udaipur and Kashipur). He also got calls from FMS, MDI, IMT Ghaziabad, XIMB, IMI, FORE, TAPMI, GIM, SIBM Pune, SCMHRD and Great Lakes,  Chennai. Out of these, he has already converted IIM C, MDI, IMT Ghaziabad,  XIMB, IMI, FORE, TAPMI, GIM and Great Lakes.


 About Ankit:

Ankit was born and brought up in New  Delhi. He has done his B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from the  Institute  of  Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi. He studied Hotel Management as he wanted to work in a field which gave him a chance to interact with new people  every day. He has worked for almost 3 years in the front office of a  5 star deluxe hotel. He started his career with Hotel Leela   Kempinski,   Mumbai and was later transferred to Hotel Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon. As a Front  Office  Executive, he managed a team of trainees, assistants and supervisors. He  quit his job in March 2011 to prepare for the entrance tests because his job  required him to work in shifts and he didn't have any fixed offs and working hours. 

Interview Questions:

Which exams did you appear for last year?

I appeared for all the exams: - CAT, TISS, NMAT, MAT, IRMA, XAT, SNAP.


When did you start your preparations?

I started preparing in the end of March - to be precise - on 31st March, 2011.

Did you have any separate strategy  for the other exams apart from CAT?

As far as CAT was concerned, I just concentrated on the basics of  all  three sections. But after CAT I started devoting sometime everyday to  increasing my General Knowledge which was essential for other exams like SNAP, TISS, IRMA and MAT. For the same, I started reading magazines like Business world and I also used to browse through various internet sites. Besides this, I  read newspapers very regularly.

Which was your strongest section and  how did you prepare for it?

Verbal ability was my strongest section hence I did not spend much  time on it. I just made it a point to attempt 1-2 RC passages and a  Miscellaneous verbal usage section test everyday which were available on TestFunda  and some other sites. I had also registered for the Wordlist through email from  TestFunda which helped me strengthen my vocabulary. I focused on memorizing the  words which I had learnt earlier rather than trying to learn new words every day. I believe in remembering a few no. of words well rather than going through  the whole list. Quality over quantity!!

Which was your weakest section? What  challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

My weakest section was Quantitative Ability and for the same reason  I tried giving it the maximum time. I started by solving the basic questions   and then moved on to the difficult ones. The questions were all available in the TestFunda courseware and some other books.

If you were a working professional, how did you manage your time?

I had ample time to prepare for the tests since I had quit my job   in order to start preparing them.

If you were in your final year while  preparing, how did you balance academics and MBA exam preparation?


When did you start taking mock CATs  and how many mock CATs did you take?

I started taking mocks somewhere around June. I also joined a test  series to give as many mock CATs as possible on a regular basis. I spent a lot  of time analyzing the results of the mocks and making a note of the mistakes  which I usually made and tried not repeating them in the later mocks. I took  around 20-25 mocks.

What question selection strategy did  you follow in the actual examinations?

I followed the standard strategy: - Solving the simplest questions  first and gradually moving on to the difficult questions. Not wasting time over  a question to which I was not finding a solution and quickly moving on to the  next one. I would go back to it if I had time later.

How did you manage the QA + DI  combination in section I and what attempt strategy did you follow?

In the first section, I would attempt the DI questions first and  then I would solve QA. I allocated around 20-25 minutes for the DI sets and chose  the simplest set first and later I would move on to QA.

How did you manage the VA + LR  combination in section II and what attempt strategy did you follow?

In the second section, I used to solve VA first and then LR. I  used to attempt the RC passages first but not all three passages one after the  other. I used to attempt the 2 easier passages first, and then would move on to  the verbal usage questions. Later, I would attempt the 3rd  passage. Towards the end of the section, I would attempt  LR.

How did you prepare for the online  RCs and DI sets?

For the online RCs and DI sets, I took as many practice  section tests possible from TestFunda and other sites.

What were your reading habits, if  any?

I love reading but had no time for it while preparing for CAT, but  still I tried reading a few philosophical and religious novels from the RC  point of view. Apart from that I only read the newspaper every day.

How did you prepare for the GD-PI?

I attended a few GD/PI sessions and also browsed through a few GD  topics online. Apart from that reading the newspaper regularly was quite  helpful.  


We are trying to arrange a LIVE CHAT with Ankit on CAT Preparation. We will update you once we finalise it. Watch this space for more details!!




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