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Interview experience with Joy Kishan Choudhary former Chief Manager at SBI

Interview experience with Joy Kishan Choudhary former Chief Manager at SBI

TestFunda ,  06-Feb-14
Introduction - Mr. Joykishon Choudhury is former Chief Manager at State Bank of India. Having worked with SBI for almost 30 years, Mr. Choudhury brings to the table immense banking operations knowledge and management skills.  He has handled a wide array of responsibilities and has served in different capacities in the bank in his long tenure with the bank. He undertook voluntary retirement in 2009 to pursue his long-time interest in the stock market as a full-time career. He currently resides in Guwahati, Assam with his wife and two children.

1. Kindly introduce yourself?    
- I am J.Choudhury,Retired Bank Official.

2. Which Bank / Department /Role are (were) you in?
- I was Chief Manager, in various capacities(Depts), during the time of my retirement in 2009.

3. How does the job profile change at different levels of a banking sector?
- The job profile changes  at different levels  with  the promotion to different higher cadres in the  Bank. The more  one climbs to the higher level, the more responsibility is entrusted upon him/her with respect to the  achievement of budgeted  goals of the Bank. In a higher supervisory capacity , one has to ensure the optimum performance of the people working under him/her.

4. What was your daily routine?  How did it change over the past years (with change in your designation)? 
-  Apart from the routine checks and balances of a supervisor, one has to ensure that the task entrusted to him has to be accomplished within the time frame set by the Bank. Eg, as a Chief Manager(HR) I had to ensure the smooth conduct of promotion exams of  different cadres within Bank as well as fresh recruitment process and also maintenance of database of all staff/personnel working under my operational area for various administrative purposes like  timely transfer, promotion, retirement etc. Whereas, as Chief Manager, Retail Loans  processing cell one has to ensure, maximum disbursement of retail loans to customers after ensuring proper adherence to the laid down norms of the Bank in this regard and enhance business and maintain the quality of the loan portfolio of the Bank  within his area of operation.

5. What are the skills required to make a career in Banking Sector? How can an individual hone these skills? 
– Alertness, prudence, and a broad knowledge of the economic scenario of the country and the world as a whole is essential at higher levels. Knowledge of various regulations like Banking Regulation Act, RBI Act, Negotiable Instrument Act, Transfer of property Act etc are to be studied thoroughly for a successful career. In the present  computerized work environment , knowledge of  computer is essential for working in the Bank at present.

6. What are the things that you don’t like about your job? 
– Nothing as such.

7. What are the things that you like about your job?
-  The challenge of achieving the targets  at various areas set by the Bank.

8. What are the things that you learnt during your job?
- to remain honest and hard working. The Bank rewards its honest and hard working officers and staff members.

Career Progression (Promotion Selection Process)
1. What are the different exams one has to take for Internal Promotions? Kindly give our readers a brief information on the below mentioned postulates.
- Written Test  :  Various schemes, changes, regulations in Bank
GD  : Not  required at lower levels – only from AGM level & above.
PI    : Required in all cases.
No. of Vacancies : It matters  in case of promotions.

2. What is important for one who seeks promotion?  
- To keep  abreast of the changes taking place in the Bank and knowledge of  various schemes and rules. Further, there is no substitute  for hard work and one has to be  sincere and honest. Clearing CAIIB also helps in case of promotion. 

3. SBI Career Families? (Detailed Analysis - Scale I through VIII)
Scale –I : Junior Management level
Scale-II & III :  Middle Management
Scale-IV &V : Senior Management level
Scale VI and above : Top Management.

4. Can you throw some light on Salary + Allowances of a PO and a clerk? Also, help our readers know how do these change with the change in designation (promotions)?
- It changes with  each Bipartite agreements after every five years. DA is  changed  every quarter on the basis of consumer price index. There is substantial change is  salary & allowances  with every promotion.

5. How does the career of a clerk progress? What is the highest designation he can attain and how? 
- Besides normal promotion to officer cadre, there is  in-cadre promotion to the ranks of Senior Assistants , Spl.Assistant etc. A clerical cadre employee can  go to  any higher level without any restriction depending upon his  efficiency and knowledge.

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