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Imagining Change

Imagining Change

raghuveer ,  18-Oct-09

              Imagining change


    You don’t write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say! Well, I have something to say and on this fine day, I gave it a thought. When was the world’s first college started? “Many centuries ago!”, retorted my intuition. The world has undergone a sea change in technology thanks to the internet. But centuries passed and has our college system went through any path-breaking change? Well, students now got stylish wearing trendy jeans and flaunting sleek and advanced mobile phones. That’s the only major change!

              I didn’t remember the last time I followed a class strictly as for me, the lectures are completely old-fashioned; they are outdated. Lectures are invented before there was internet and TV and universities have just been reluctant at changing the way lectures are being delivered and so is our college. 

Imagine a huge LCD screen along side our black board and lectures of some of the best lecturers collected via internet are being played to assist routine, boring lectures! Not only it creates enthusiasm among students but also it could be highly informative. What if our bizarrely catalogued library is transformed into an internet-based one with pc’s preloaded with loads of e-books and technological videos? I believe that videos of things happening teach more than a writing of what would happen!
           Robots are rarely seen in India. Our college is an exception! “Come to college; pretend to be listening to classes (people call it “acting”), swallow your lunch, and continue acting again till you listen the ringing bell and then go back home.” This is what that has been programmed in our brain’s memory chip. We are nothing different from robots. I feel we need a bit more of social interaction. We need clubs. An English club, a sports club, a cultural activities club, etc are a few to name. Students could join a club of their interest and if an hour is officially allotted everyday for the sake of running these clubs, healthy interaction among young and budding engineers would take place and it in turn makes us feel more like humans rather than robots. For an orthodox person, this imagination may seem absurd. Yet, man’s appetite for improvisation is like a drug-addict’s wait for his next fix! I’m not an exception. College days are always fun, but we need to do classrooms and lectures fun too!

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