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IITB GD/PI Experience

IITB GD/PI Experience

sumit2goody ,  20-Apr-09
Hi friends posting my GD/PI experience:
Educational Profile: 

Btech : 78.8
JMET rank:132

Work profile : Infosys 14 months and Career launcher 4 months

I had it on 8th march 1:30 slot

We were taken into an auditorium where we were first sent for registration..dont rush for registration ..your slots are already fixed.

after that there was a presentation on som followed by a video (Slumdog effect had MIA paper planes as background score, i think b-schools are smitten with SM as iun delhi interview it had dreams on fire as background score) , overall was nice ..then was followed by a presentation by a SBI folk about the loan scheme that you will get, was of great help and most of the claps went for that pres..

Also at the reg desk we were given a form in which we have to fill our semester wise marks and extra currics along with work experience

As i was filling the form we were called for the Case study

Case was about a supervisor suresh kumar for a distribution firm had appointed a new young technical grad sameer into managing the workers in the offload process and he was facing problems as workers were not much motivated and were not doing their work properly by taking frequent breaks and all....sameer tried motivated them but they didnt listened and end result was he was boycotted from their social activites....there was a senior worker named shankar dada who talked with sameer and sameer said thank god i am leaving you people soon enough as i dont want to be like which shankar retaliated that if you would have been long here you would have become one of us.

it was followed by two questions:
1) was the role of supervisor encouraging or discouraging the workers to their job

2) was shankar dada's statement right or wrong

we were 11 people(1 was absent) and were given 5 min tyo think and 15 min to discuss

Case study went the end we were left short of time for discussing the second question so panel stopped us and asked 4 of us who hadn;t spoken much to give their views.

Ok done then we were lead back to the auditorium (to ADCOM the delta alpha method and all that co-ordination with walkies was superb)

their the form was verified and make sure that whatever you are mentioning in the form you have proof for that without proof they wont consider anything. 


Was fourth in order of interview and there is a co-ordiantor assigned to you before interview ( helped me a lot ) , he told me that one is a prof and the other one is a INFY guy

so here we go
The convention Prof : P , Infy Guy : I and Me

me: Entered Good afternoon and all
P: Sit 
P: So sumit what is your rank?
Me: sir 132
P: no, your class rank/
me: i said 5th or 6th (he wrotte 6th in a form)
P:how many students were in your class
P: tell us about urself which is not in the form
me:told about my nature and n the last put it that working for infy(the infy guy suddenly wakes up)
I: ok so which department of infy u work 
me: mentioned the dept along with the IBU and the domain
I: what is this IRB infotech(my previous organization)
me: sir its a frachcise for career launcher, was responsible for consulting and quant skills trainer
I: so you good at quant
me: Gave a sheepish smile
P: so sumit what are your hobbies (he was continuously looking through my file)
me: watching movies, watching cricket , playing Table tennis (kyun bola yeh)
P: ok so which level you have played?
Me: just play as a timepass not at a particular level
P: ok so what are different shots in TT/
Me: mentioned serve, spin shot, drop shot, chop shot and one or two others
P: can you draw the graph for the spin shot on xy axis (WHATTTTTTTTTTTT)
me: drawed something
P: which mathematical graph it represents
me: said quadratic eqn then said no no its parabola
P: draw graph and eqn for parabola
me: kar diya
P: whats the focus and focal length for parabola
me: muttered somethin
P:; what are the forces acting on the ball?
me: spin that u ahve entitled and the friction by the table?
P: is friction a force?
me: yes ir
P: whats the other?
me: accelration no no sir spin , pata nahi (forgot the rorational force here)
I:What is the best thing you find about infy?
me: told abt the work culture and low power distance stuff
I: How many number of DC's infy has?
me: goofed up here mentioned all except bhubaneshwar DC
I: ever heard of bhubaneshwar?
me: yes sir forgot that
P: so tell me something abt ludhiana (my native place)
me: told abt textile sector and known as manchester of india
P: is it really known like that
me: yes sir
P: tell something more
me: hero cycles and PAU is there
P: when was PAU formed
me: no idea sir
P: how many districts in punjab
me: no idea sir , around 7 may be not sure
P: named 10 districts
me: gavea sheepish smile
I: what are the qualities that should be there in the code
me: mentioned about readability, modularity , coding conventions
I: any other
me: no sir
I: scalability
me: whats that sir
I: extensibilty
me: yes sir it should be extenisble
P: tell abt your final year project (yeh kahan se aa gya)
me: had to recollect a lot but bata diya
I: what shoudl infy do in thsi period to overcome recession
me: focus more on maintainance projects, go into products a bit more and look outside US
I: to P anything else sir
P: No
Me: Thanks sir

Was around 13 mins interview

Final Result: Waitlisted at 64

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