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IIT Delhi GD-PI Experience

IIT Delhi GD-PI Experience

tusharsem ,  07-Apr-11

JMET Rank : 444 (86.5/120)
Xth : 82.2%
XIIth : 90.0%
BE (Electronics & Telecommunications) : 62.9%
25 months experience with HSBC GLT

Date : 5th March 2011, 7.30AM slot
Venue : IIT Delhi

No of people in the group : 12

GD topic : UID & Development. 2 mins to think, 15 to discuss. No mention of summary.

No of panelists : 3

The arrangement was like a round-table conference (oval actually !) and there was almost
2 feet space between 2 people. Hence, one had to literally shout to get the point across.
Discussion was decent. I was the second speaker, entered about 5-6 times in all. Almost
everyone spoke by the end of time.

PI : There were 7 panels in all, each with 3-5 profs/VPs/CEOs. 5 mins before my turn was to come I was told that my panel no and that it had 5 people. As soon as my chance came, two of them walked out. So, there were 3 in the panel,

L1 (middle-aged lady prof to my left)
P1 (Old prof right in front of me)
P2 (again oldish prof to my right) 
M (me).

M  : May I come in ?
P2 : Come in
(I wish them. They reply and ask me to sit)
P2 : So, tell me about graduation, your work and your interests.
M  : told.

P1 : So, you are working in HSBC GLT ?
M  : Sir, I was working there. I left my job sometime back (had mentioned this in the first answer as well. P2 tells P1 he has quit now.)

P1 : And why did you quit your job ?
M  : told.
(A bried silence, they all look at my form.)

P2 : How confident are you about clearing this interview ?
M  : Very confident sir (smile).

P2 : What other calls do you have ?
M  : Sir, MDI, IMT & NMIMS (didnt say NITIE).

P2 : So, you didnt get a call from IIT Bombay ?
M  : No sir.

P2 : Why ?
M  : Sir, I think it closes at around 400-420 each year. Ummmm.....I think they have 120 seats in all so about 60 general category seats.
So, given that everybody applies the ratio is about 1:7. I think thats enough to choose the best candidates.

P2 : Hmmm, ok but then what about us ? Why do we call so many people ?
M  : Well sir, like my score is 86.5 and my rank is 444. Someone with a score of 90 has a rank of around 120. So, there is very little difference
in the aptitude. You want use the GD & PI to select the candidates then...
(Was about to say more but P2 interrupted)

P2 : Yes (smiles).
P1 jumps in.
P1 : You have a good score in class XII, but what happened in engineering ?
(Have 62.9% in college)
M  : Sir, my college was under Pune university which is very tough. We have 60% as first class and 66% as distinction. It is...
(L1 suddenly speaks up in my defence, talking to P1 & P2)

L1 : Ya Pune university is like Calcutta university, very tough to score. Its almost like if you pass all your papers in the first attempt, its an
P1 : 66% for distinction is too much.
(I jump at the opportunity)
M  : Yes sir, you give your best paper and you will end up scoring only 60. In my class also only 2 people had more than 70% and they were both very
hardworking. And even at this %age my rank in the class was about 8th or 9th.
(Both sort of look convinced)

P1 : Ok, but your Verbal marks are very low in JMET ?
M  : Sir, in JMET the sectional cutoffs are usually low. So, I just wanted to get the minimum marks and then concentrate on the other 3 sections in
which I am stronger.

P1 : You know ERP ?
M  : Yes sir, told.

L1 : So, tell me why did Amartya Sen win the Nobel prize ?
(Couldnt remember at first so started beating about the bush)
M  : Yes madam, he had written the very famous book, The Argumentative Indian...
(was cut short)

L1 : Ya thats right but why did he win the Nobel ?
P2 : Beta, pata hai toh bata do, nahin to nahin.
M  : Ummmm, aaaaa...started a bit with what India's state was after independence, drought, famines and then said that Sen told about some of the causes
of those and then wrote about ways and means to counter them. (something of this sort. Couldnt remember the term 'welfare economics')
(A man with tea, samosas and biscuits enters. A brief silence..)

L1 : You had Economics in class XII. What did you learn in Macro-economics ?
M  : Madam, a little bit about Inflation, GDP, GNP, some details about them, a little bit on foreign reserves and foreign currency as well.

P2 : What do you think will happen to the interest rates now ?
M  : Sir, I think since the RBI has increased its interest rates banks will follow. Hence, they will also rise.

P2 : So, how has the budget impacted the stock market ?
M  : Sir, the budget has been lauded by the corporate industry. The day after the budget the market rose by 600 points...
(cut short)

P2 : Your prediction for the next 3 months ?
M  : Sir, this is currently March, so the end of the financial year. Hence there is a lot of FII selling going on, so the markets wouldnt rise much. But after
that they should start rising.

P2 : Rising hmmm.
M  : Yes sir.

P2. Ok very good. All the best for your future. (Kyaa matlab isska ?)
M  : Thank you.

Verdict : Awaited



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