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IIM K Interview Experience

IIM K Interview Experience

implex ,  23-Jun-09

Date 27 FEb
Venue IMI New Delhi

Cat percentile 99.97

We were 8 students in our panel and 2 were absent.

GD: It was a case study about how students used to pay their teachers and how that should be the case today with students deciding the salary of professors so that they teach relevant stuff.
Decent GD. No fish market as was warned of. Entered 4-5 times with examples. would rate 7/10

My panel gave 30 minutes to each student and asked acads and maths mainly.

P1: Young prof to my left
P2: Old prof to my right.
M: me

P1 called me in
Good afternoon and stuff, they asked me to sit. Thanks and proceed

P1: Asks about my poor engg score.
M: Didn’t study for various reasons

P1: What should I ask you from elec engg?
M: Not a big fan of it, you may ask maths

P2: Ok, we will ask maths as well
P1: But, why nothing from elec..
M: keep quiet

P2 takes over
P2: There is a cat like test, with 25 questions and 5 options for every question. If the marking is same as cat. Suppose a student guesses all the answers, find the probability that he gets 20 correct and 5 wrong
M: Sir, the probability of getting one answer right is 1/5 and hence wrong is 4/5, thus by using bernoulli’s equation we get 25c20(1/5)^20 (4/5) ^5

P2: Good, Can you give me an estimate of this number?
M: you need an appox value?

P2: Yeah
M: if we multiply num and den by 2^25, then deno becomes 10^25 and numerator 2^x
we can write 2^10=10^3 and hence proceed.. similarly for the 25c20 term we can approx all terms as 20 and proceed.. I found a value..

P2: Thats right! Can you do it using poisson’s?
M: Sir, I know poissons but I am not sure how to do it here..
Some discussion about poission goes on.

P2: If we continue with the last question, what is the average score of a person?
M: IS there negative marking?

P2: yeah, its cat like exam
M: 0 will be the answer.. 4(1/5) -1(4/5)=0
This is the reason why cat has this marking scheme!

P2: I know why cat has! its not necessarily for that reason.
P2: Plot the graph of x+sinx
M: plot it with some help

P2: can it be decreasing?
M: No sir, thats an approx plot
I show him using derivatives it can’t be decreasing at any point

P2: define e
M: lt n->inf (1+1/n)^n

P2: Is e rational or irrational
M: its irrational

P2: Prove that 2<e<3
M: prove it using binomial expansion

P2: Ok this is your final question?
P2: There are 10 diff books and 3 boys, find the number of ways that each oen gets atleast one.
M: Find the number, he keeps helping as I was determined to show the process of arriving at answers..

P2: good. You have good aptitude, but you must prepare as well. Engineering scores will not be required in management but one must try to do well.

M: I will try my best, Sir!
P2: Ok then!
I was about to stand

P1: What is electromechanical enrgy conversion? How does a motor do that?
M: told

P1: Can there be a 5 pole motor?
M: No ( biggest goof up )

P1: WHy?
M: Magnetic poles appear in pairs..

P1: Ok what do u blog about ( blogging is my hobby, my blog has ben ranked among top 100 wordpress blogs)
M: I have 2 blogs, one is general other is maths

P1: Why this obsession with maths?
M: I enjoy it !

P1: Tell me other platforms of blogging
M: Blogger and wordpress are the ones i use..

P1: Any other?
M: Sir, others generally use these two .. but there may be other platforms. These two are the most popular.

P1: Why is it called a blog?
M: Did not answer this

P1: That will be all
P2: You can leave
M: Thank you sir!

All in all it lasted around 30 mins.. P1 was not very happy with my acads.. He was using his laptop all the while P2 was asking me maths questions

Verdict: Waitlisted( It changed to convert)

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