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IIFT 2009 - My Test-Taking Experience

IIFT 2009 - My Test-Taking Experience

Eureka! ,  23-Nov-09

Hello TestFunda,

The second exam for this year is done. And that is all I have say on that..... IT IS DONE!

What a paper.... Do they not like us or something?

The IIFT is known for its exacting standards but this was cold blooded murder. It’s a good thing that I like to colour the circles as that is the only thing positive I can say about this exam.

Giving this exam was like attending a drama.... There were smiles and tears – the whole Bollywood scene.

The exam centre was better than the IRMA centre at first glance. My centre was Paranjpe Vidyalaya at Andheri, Mumbai. At least this time the centre was easily accessible. There is some perverse pleasure in always seating fully grown exam candidates in benches fit for primary students. The benches were decent enough but just too small and uncomfortable.

While all of the students were trying to squeeze onto the benches, the loud speaker in the class suddenly blared to life. At first, I was amused and nostalgic. The announcement made on the speaker reminded me of my school days when life was carefree.

I had not understood something while giving IRMA nor did I understand it now while giving IIFT. Why is it that the supervisors assume that all those appearing for a competitive exam are a bunch of imbeciles?

Let me give you an example of one announcement heard over the speaker, “UUHhh there is strict rule that only a pencil, eraser and pen should be brought into the classroom. That means only pen, pencil, eraser and uuhhhh pencil can be used”.

The tone and diction was monotonous at best and extremely irksome at worst.

A multitude of such inane instructions kept everyone entertained for the next 15 minutes.

The OMR sheets were finally distributed at 9:45 and the question paper at 9:55. Surprisingly, the question booklet was not pasted shut. So everyone just opened it and started reading. The supervisor informed everyone to wait till 10 to open the question booklet. This instruction given in the most dulcet of tones was promptly ignored by all and sundry much to the chagrin of the supervisor.

The paper as a whole was relatively easier than last years' IIFT paper. I had received Paper-B so my sections were as follows-

Section I         -           Verbal Ability

Section II        -           DI & LR

Section III       -           General Knowledge

Section IV       -           Quant

The verbal section was divided into 2 sub-sections – RC and Non RC

2 of the 4 RCs were lengthy and tedious. It made perfect sense to skip those. I loved the RC about sugar plantation and refining. The RCs were liberally sprinkled with jargon which I felt was unnecessary.

The VA section contained the usual mix of questions- RC, correct/Incorrect sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms, Fill in the blanks and jumbled sentences. I attempted around 35 questions.

Then was the DI & LR section which I found to be relatively easy. It was not conceptually difficult but rather extremely calculation intensive. As a result I wasted quite a bit of time on it. In LR, some questions like “ABCDE play a game of cards” stated contradictory data as a result of which the data provided was inconsistent. I attempted around 22 questions

The GK section was ok. In most questions- match the columns- if you knew even 1 answer you could effectively solve the entire question. One irritating fact about the GK section was that it was primarily based on current affairs. So a lot of up to date knowledge was required. I attempted 12 questions.

The final section was the Quant section which was the toughest. The question stems were very verbose so it was difficult to select which questions to attempt in this section. There was an incorrect question – the ratio of the shaded are to the un-shaded area. The diagram was incorrect as the triangles could not have been equilateral triangles as shown in the diagram. I attempted around 17 questions.

The paper as a whole was lengthy and extremely annoying. All in all I attempted 86 questions.

To conclude, it was an experience I care not to repeat. Hopefully this is my last year of giving these exams and therefore I am trying extra hard to get a call from a top B-school.

Now the next monster looms – CAT. Will fill you in on that lovely experience soon. Till then, Happy Studying!



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