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US wants India to maintain peace, plus full internet freedom

US wants India to maintain peace, plus full internet freedom

TestFunda ,  28-Aug-12
The United States has requested India to relax the leash that the government has on the content that goes on the internet. They has asked the Indian government to relax the law and order and also ensure "full freedom of the Internet," where an undue advantage of social media sites has been blamed for panic rise in India.

The Obama administration was harsh about Indian authorities not being able to provide t free speech when the subject of the Indian government's run-in with social media companies surfaced at the state department briefing. 

A number of journalists criticized the US intervention by mentioning Washington's own crackdown on Wikileaks, an issue that had to do with compromise of classified US government information rather than freedom of the internet.

It is important to note that, although less than ten per cent of the India’s 1.2 billion population use the Internet regularly, the country is to be the second largest social media community in the world after the US. 

“Last year, India had an estimated 46 million users of one of the most popular social media sites, a 132 per cent growth over 2010.” reported the Times of India with regards to the same issue.
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