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Universal Business School

Universal Business School

TestFunda ,  16-Jul-12
A View of UBS Campus through the eyes of its students 


Universal Business School (UBS) has the distinct advantage of being founded by CEO’s who have run multi-billion dollar businesses in over a 100 countries and the 55 CEO endorsements, give UBS the ultimate corporate recognition which makes it a dream destination for students looking to kick start their career with a bang. It is extremely rare to come across a Business School founded by Professional CEO’s who can coach, mentor and teach students to follow in their footsteps and where students have a ready market to seek employment. The UBS pedagogy of experiential learning through live projects, case studies, real life problem solving and the unique “Taught by a CEO” initiative makes each UBS pass out an attractive package for recruiters. Jainisha Varma a UBS student from Sikar states “The international exposure we are receiving at UBS will help us get a new perspective. Face to Face interaction with Top Notch business leaders at UBS gives us a totally new dimension.”


On speaking with the students, it was clear that they appreciated the immersion into 
Experiential learning and practice focus rather than theory. Students have access to professional tools that allow them to trade global markets in real-time through the exclusive use for the first time in Asia of the Thomson Reuters Trading Room. Students at UBS are taught by experienced market professional traders and portfolio managers to trade cross assets in global bonds, stocks, foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives. UBS Classrooms have V-SAT connectivity in classrooms for live interactive sessions and lectures with global business leaders.

Estelle Berton a french UBS student states “UBS has helped me in improving my green thinking and adaptability skills. It represents a real advantage for our future career.” This sentiment is shared by Shashwat Shakti from Ranchi “I like the level of knowledge the professors possess and the unique experiential learning here makes students ready for the job directly after the course.”

Thomson Reuters Trading Room: Hand’s on trading in Real-time


UBS has set up an Incubation Centre with its Innovation and Venture hub to be co-chaired by UBS co-founder Tarun Anand and Stanford's Dr.SanjeevKaushal. This Incubation Centre has an initial corpus of $1 million which will be provided as initial seed capital and mentorship to exceptional business ideas harnessing the entrepreneurial streak among students so that they can be employment generators rather than job seekers.

"Wherever I go in India, I see the potential ideas to transform India. We believe that India needs more centres of innovation. We want to provide early access and a pathway to budding student entrepreneurs, to seed their ideas and nurture them to become enterprises of value. An eco-system is essential to build a sustainable model of entrepreneurship," said Kaushal.

While Kaushal has 65 patents to his name, prior to setting up the b-school, Anand was MD, Thomson Reuters, South Asia where he also was a Board member of the Innovation and Venture Board in London. 

“This is the best learning experience I have ever had in my life. Faculties are moulding us to become a polished diamond which will sparkle in the industry after 1 year. Where ever we go the room will tilt towards us.” says Sanchita Hazra a UBS student from Kolkata.


A new world order is about to unfold and reshape industries, products and business models. There are green buildings, greencars, greens everywhere and the world is waking up to the reality of protecting our planet and becoming environment friendly. We now have another first; an eco-friendly business school. From the outset of the design to the shaping of the curriculum, Green is one of the founding pillars of UBS. At Universal they believe that the climate change solutions should be found to allow the aspirations of India andother emerging economies for faster economic growth and rising prosperity. UBS, India’s First Green Business School makes students an efficient yet an ethically conscious leader who will not only strive for professional excellence but will contribute to a green economy adding to the global natural capital.

UBS has employed rain water harvesting, waste recycling and reduced power consumption through sustainable climate friendly buildings with the thermos and wind tunnel effect. Around 16 acres of greenland has been left completely untouched to provide for recreational purposes and an ambition to plant 10000 trees on campus. Each student plants a tree on Campus and is rooted to their Alma Mater for life.

But more importantly, UBS infuses Green Thinking in each classroom through innovative green subjects like Green IT, Green Manufacturing, Green Finance, and Green Marketing.

Puneet Pandey a UBS student from Lucknow states “Love the idea about focusing on Ethics and Green Thinking. This is cultivated in each student from Day One. Way to go UBS!”.Sidharth Sainath a UBS student from Bangalore adds “A College with a green mission as the Moto. A College with a refreshing insight on the values and Ethos.”


A powerful mix of liberal education (arts, literature, world economics, psychology, geography) in the curriculum practiced at UBS gives the flavor of top international universities and helps in the making of global leaders of tomorrow. Emilie Bezei a French UBS student feels “Understanding the Indian culture provided me the strength to face multicultural issues in my future professional career. It was such an honor to be the first international students of UBS and live this human experience.” Her namesake Emilie Beau is extremely proud to be part of this adventure “UBS allowed me to open my mind to an international perspective. The exchange of culture is very interesting for future managers”.

The same sentiment was echoed by the Indian students. Nitin Verma from Varanasi mentioned “UBS is one of the most unique business schools in India, which not only gives the knowledge of management but pushes us to think beyond education.”


UBS boasts of world class faculty from Stanford, INSEAD, Anderson (UCLA), LBS bringing global quality of the highest order in an affordable grasp of the Indian student community. The Indian faculty have been CEO’s, Directors of leading Indian and international companies, several of whom have done business in over five continents. 

Amruta Khairnar a UBS student from Karjat believes that “UBS has very good teaching faculty and all professors are very knowledgeable”  and her classmate Mary Francis  says “The Professors go to lengths to make us understand concepts and are willing to take the time to develop the students.” Anais Remon a french student also felt that “UBS has been an opportunity to improve my skills thanks to varied lectures and meeting with a new culture”.

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