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Top companies that are hiring in India

Top companies that are hiring in India

snehanathwani ,  10-Nov-09

The pick-up in the economy has kicked off hiring plans in India Inc, with companies across the manufacturing and services sectors looking at new recruitments as they go into expansion mode.

They are not just expecting more business from the domestic market, but anticipate a boom in overseas business too, thanks to cash-crunched foreign companies looking at cost rationalisation.

1.    CISCO: 12,000
Cisco has drawn up huge recruitment plans as it shifts some of its activities from abroad to India.

The company plans to boost its manpower in India to 15,000 over the next two years, adding 12,000 new workers.

2.    Cognizant: 8,135
Cognizant has added a net 8,135 people since December last year. Cognizant CFO Gordon Coburn said the company will continue to hire aggressively.

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