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Save the 358 Year Old Taj Mahal

Save the 358 Year Old Taj Mahal

TestFunda ,  05-Oct-11
Campaigners surveying the Taj Mahal have warned that its foundation is rotting and if the necessary action is not taken then the structure might collapse. Built by the grief stricken widower Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal is an attractive tourist destination and brings 4 million visitors in a year to Agra. This 358 year old structure is one of India’s most esteemed heritage sites. 

According to the study conducted by the campaigners, the foundation is becoming increasingly brittle and factors such as industrialization, pollution and deforestation have severely damaged the river which is crucial for the Taj Mahal to sustain. 

According to professor Ram Nath, the Yamuna plays a very important role in the foundation of the Taj Mahal. Its survival is crucially dependent on the river as it constitutes as an essential part of its architectural design. 

Ramshankar Katheria, the MP for Agra who is leader the campaign said that if the situation was not tackled soon than the Taj Mahal has only about 2 -5 years. The lack of water beneath the wells is making the wooden foundation rot. This might possibly lead to the collapse of the minarets. Over the years the monument has also been losing its shine. 

Last year the cracks that were observed in various parts of the tomb and four minarets have now begun tilting. Historians, Government officials and the campaigners are quite concerned about how they are running out of time to salvage this crisis.

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