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Our movement will continue: Ramdev

Our movement will continue: Ramdev

TestFunda ,  22-Aug-12
Baba Ramdev broke his five-day fast today but and freshly accused the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress of their incapability and called upon his supporters to ensure the party’s defeat in the 2014 general elections.

The Uttar Pradesh police providing escort led the yoga guru back to his ashram at Haridwar. The guru broke his fast by consuming lime juice offered to him by two Dalit children and eatables from an elderly woman. 

He led his supporters out of the Ambedkar stadium in central Delhi and declared that he was walking out “victorious” as he received overwhelming support from several parties. 

He repeatedly raised the slogan, “Congress hatao, desh bachao”, which was chanted by his followers soon after. 

In his hour-long speech, he criticized the Prime Minster and the Congress for their failure to bring back black money stashed away in foreign banks. He stressed, “We have won the battle and not lost the fight with the government.”

“Had there been voting in Parliament on Monday on black money when the matter was raised, the government would have fallen. We even got the backing of parties supporting the ruling alliance,” he said, adding “our agitation has ended but not our movement.”

“Mr. Prime Minister, tomorrow is Independence Day,” the Baba said, “and if you do not speak against corruption and black money in your address to the nation then you will be as guilty as those who are corrupt in your party.”
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