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Now, foreign varsities come up on Indian soil !!!!!!

Now, foreign varsities come up on Indian soil !!!!!!

starlet ,  17-Mar-10
Wide range of options: The government has certainly made a good move in the direction of educational growth in India, feel most experts. Sreelekha Sarcar, teacher, Sanskriti School, New Delhi, says, “More foreign institutions will provide students with a varied and diverse range of topics to choose from for their higher education.” Indeed, quality education will not be limited to studying in Delhi University or just the IITs or IIMs alone. Shobhita Joshi, senior coordinator, St Stephen’s School, Chandigarh says, “If these foreign institutions are able to combine a bit of their teaching methodology with a bit of our ideology, then I guess students will find our education system interesting too.”
Ease off the quota: What better uniformity in education than a merit based system of education open for all students alike! The system will be a treat for all meticulous students who have nothing to show but their marks. Padmaja Limaye, teacher Fr Agnel
School, New Bombay says, “Indian education is slowly unshackling and getting globalised in the real sense of the word.” However, she feels quality should be the criteria while allowing such universities to set up their campuses here, not mere monetary value.”
Vocational education possible:
Not only will the run-of-the-mill courses provide more avenues in the form of good foreign universities, students with a more creative bent of mind can opt for vocational courses.
“It will also help students belonging to middle class families to dream about getting a degree from a foreign university as globally renowned institutes will participate in India’s higher education sector,” says TP Jyoti vice principal, DPS Nacharam, Hyderabad.
Also, “a student exchange program may even provide kids with a chance to study in the real university campuses abroad! This is a way foreign courses will be more ‘doable’ for those who can’t afford it,” adds Ramyashree J, class IX, Bishop Cotton Girls’ School, Bangalore.
In India, we would like to see
HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Invite Harvard University to India. There is a lot more to the Harvard experience than just its stimulating classroom discussions! Ashrika Kohli, class XII, Vasant Valley School
OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE: To take the full advantage of this opportunity, we need Oxford and Cambridge in India. Quality education is knocking our doors Abigail A, class IX, St Anthony’s High School, Mumbai
PROFESSIONAL COLLEGES: Students can receive degrees from universities they dream of, for instance, technical and further education Noor Sandhu, class XI, Carmel Convent School
STANFORD: Universities like Stanford, Berkeleys and Oxford should set up base in India. They offer a myriad of subject combinations to the students Atreyi Nag, class XI, La Martinere for Girls
MIT: It is known for its quality education specially in the field of sciences which we lack in India Tanmay Nanda, class XI, DPS RK Puram STU D E N TS S P EA K

• India was known as the knowledge hub, in the days of the world famous Nalanda University. Today, with the passing of this Act, history seems to be repeating itself. If things go well, India will be home to some of the best universities from across the globe.
Abigail A, class IX,
St Anthony’s High School

• Every year, hordes of students spend lakhs of rupees migrating to either USA or UK for higher studies. They have to leave the safe harbour of their homeland and face a lot of hardships to acquire these degrees. Along with monetary expenditure, they have to undergo a lot of emotional turmoil as well. Now all of that will be eliminated. For students like me, it’s a dreamcome true. I would surely look forward to enrolling and studying in these universities.
Nehal Apte, class XII,
Poddar College

• It would increase migration of foreign students to India, which will bring a lot of economic benefits.
Tanmay Nanda, class X,
DPS RK Puram

• Once foreign universities start their campuses in India, there will be more competition and automatically the quality of education, which is already superior in India, will be imitated by the other countries. Since foreign universities have better infrastructure and they focus on quality education as compared to Indian varsities, it will be a lesson for Indian universities to improve their standards.
T P Jyoti, DPS Nacharam, Hyd

• Quality should be the criteria while allowing foreign universities to setup their campuses here. As Indian students will pass out of these universities and make their mark world over, it will surely add a lot of knowledge value to Indians.
Padmaja Limaye, Fr Agnel’s
School, New Bombay

• The passing of this Bill comes as a boon for students who can get access to quality education in India itself. Many students could not go out of the country to pursue their studies due to many problems like family and financial ones.
Kanakshankar M, Lakshmipat
Singhania Academy
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