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Names of websites blocked by government leaked online

Names of websites blocked by government leaked online

TestFunda ,  28-Aug-12
309 URLs that the Indian government wanted banned as a result of the Assam riots were allegedly leaked on the internet. 

The list was dominated by popular sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Indian government allegedly found 102 URLs on Facebook and 85 URLs on YouTube where sensitive content was posted. Facebook and Google jointly stated that they were working with the Indian government to remove the illegal content.

Along with the above mentioned sites, the Indian government also wanted to block 30 Twitter URLs, 3Wikipedia URLs, 11 Blogger URLs and 8 Wordpress URLs. 

URLs belonging to a few websites that had content sympathetic to Hindu and Muslim extremists were also being considered. 

Surprisingly, the list also contained URLs belonging to many mainstream popular media websites. In this case it was not clear if the sites were to be blocked due to user-generated content like comments or due to news reports.

Meanwhile, the government and Twitter seem to be heading for a showdown as the micro-blogging website blatantly refused to remove some webpages containing inflammatory content due to “technical difficulties.” 

However, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Department of Electronics and IT (DEIT) are not taking this lying down and plan to take legal action against Twitter for not co-operating on this “sensitive issue”.
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