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More on the Coalgate fiasco

More on the Coalgate fiasco

TestFunda ,  06-Sep-12
Enough has been said about the coal misallocation and mismanagement of PM Manmohan Singh in thr 2005-2009 period when he served as coal minister. He decided to speak on the issue and silence his critics. 

The PM has said that the allegations by the CAG report are without the support of facts and that they are highly untrue. 

The PM planned to read his 32 point statement defending himself and his term as the former coal minister however he was not allowed to finish as opposition leaders created yet another ruckus. 

Meanwhile, the CBI has entered the picture and has filed FIRs on leading government officials as well as corporate houses. The CBI has confirmed that they will search for irregularities in the coal allocation case in 10 major cities of the country. 

The companies include Vinni Iron and Steel, Nav Bharat Steel, JLD Yavatmal, JAS Infrastructure and AMR Iron and Steel.
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