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Manmohan Singh visits Tehran, Syria talks continue

Manmohan Singh visits Tehran, Syria talks continue

TestFunda ,  06-Sep-12
The NAM summit was held in Iran and saw leaders of various countries come there to discuss international issues, with the Syrian conflict being the most talked about. 

The Syrian delegation was up in arms against the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi as he chose to be anything but politically correct and accused the Syrian rule to be oppressive. 

All eyes were on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as he went out to narrate his speech. The wise statesman that he is, Manmohan cautiously said that India would support liberal aspirations of the people and did not want to be forced to take an extreme stand or intervention. 

The middle stand by Mr. Singh conveyed to the people that India did stand for a democratic and secular form of governance and did not believe in agitating another country’s crisis by external intervention. 

Experts believe that Mr. Singh’s speech was a clever one with subtle hints that India too supported the people of Syria.
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