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IIT-M apologises, but still defiant

IIT-M apologises, but still defiant

TestFunda ,  28-Aug-12

IIT-Madras has apologized to the photo-journalist who was assaulted in the institute’s campus for coverage of a suicide.

“IIT-Madras regrets this unfortunate incident and apologizes to the concerned photo-journalist and the media at large.  We hope to enjoy cordial relationships with the media as in the past,” the institution’s director Bhaskar Ramamurthi said in a statement.

Mr. Bhaskar Ramamurthi added that the ill-fortunate incident could have been avoided if the journalist wouldn’t have insisted on clicking close-ups of grieving students and violating press norms. He urged the media to reflect on the “ethical dimensions” of the conduct of the photo-journalist in the context of the student’s demise.

Albin Mathew, the photographer in question, said he had obtained permission from the dean of the institution to take these pictures. 

His stubborn refusal to delete the “objectionable” pictures was the reason for his assault. Mr. Mathew has denied this charge and has countered it by pressing charges on the institute. 

The Tamil Nadu Press Photographers’ Association has demanded that the institute takes stern action against those involved in the attack. 

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