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Google rolls out g-India with an eye on local business

Google rolls out g-India with an eye on local business

TestFunda ,  22-Aug-12
Google, for the very first time, is holding g-India across five Indian cities to increase its business network and “to reach out and cultivate an ecosystem of business partners, clients and software developers”. 

Google plans to promote its products ad increase its usability among small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Google has made its mark in the hardware and software sector like search, cloud computing, analytics, and office productivity, which makes India a large market for the internet biggie.  

The marketing campaign aims to increase the consumption of software and hardware as a service . 

"Google has been operating through independent software vendors, but it needs to build a stronger network with right set of partners who can take Google's cloud solutions beyond tier-II cities, reaching out to traders, merchandisers and small-scale manufacturers," said Sanchit Vir Gogia, senior analyst at technology market researcher Forrester Research.

Google's event is being held in the following five cities: Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai between July and September. The Chennai event which was held in July was seen as a success and the second round was held in the first week of August in Bangalore.

With g-India in the forefront, Google is slowly matching every step with their competitors such as Microsoft and SAP. "Companies like Microsoft have been in the market for decades and have built-up a network of business partners that help it reach out to more and more customers," Forrester's Gogia said. "But technology landscape is changing and Google is very well positioned for it."
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