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Death for Kasab, says Supreme Court

Death for Kasab, says Supreme Court

TestFunda ,  06-Sep-12
Finally some relief for the billion Indians who were waiting for justice to prevail over the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

The Supreme court has confirmed a death sentence to Ajmal Kasab, the prime accused in the Mumbai terror attack for waging war against India and mercilessly killing innocent people. This was affirmed by the Bombay High Court. 

The historical judgment was around 400 pages long and was announced early today. 

Justices Aftab Alam and C.K. Prasad confirmed the news and said that justice has prevailed as the conspiracy, acted out by Ajmal Kasab and fellow-men, was an intentional war of terror against the government and people of India. 

Kasab  argued that he had not received a fair trial right from the beginning of the trial. However, his appeal was over ruled in favor of senior counsel for Maharashtra Gopal Subramanium who argued otherwise. 

The Bench also said that this was a rare crime involving explosives, hostages and bloodshed and so it deserved a punishment as severe as this.

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