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Apple-Samsung patent battle nears end

Apple-Samsung patent battle nears end

TestFunda ,  28-Aug-12
Apple and Samsung, both have claimed, in their closing arguments of their patent battle, that the spirit of Silicon Valley is their innovation. 

The multimillion dollar patent deal has seen Apple demanding damage costs of up to $2.75bn from Samsung. The former has alleged the latter for “willful infringement of its design patents and so-called trade dress rights for the iPhone and iPad in the US”.

Samsung has sued Apple in return over the alleged use of its “wireless transmission patents and other underlying mobile-phone technology”. Samsung now looks at a $422m damage cost from its rival in compensation.

Later this week, the jury decided in Apple’s favor by awarding it $1.05 billion in damages, which could be tripled as the jury found Samsung acted willfully. 

It is said that Samsung could now possibly face a costly ban on sales of key smartphone and tablet products. The week also saw Samsung shares fall by more than 7 per cent, causing its  biggest drop in nearly four years.

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