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A Perspective on WikiLeaks

A Perspective on WikiLeaks

implex ,  07-Jan-11
In a rather ironic situation while on one hand the US State Department declared that it would host UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day in 2011, on the other the government ordered companies such as Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard to withdraw their services from wikiLeaks.

From the 1000 published cables from the US Embassy, there is a whole lot of material that exposes deals, trickeries and diplomatic maneuvers made on a regular basis. 

This government looks at this as a threat to national security and is skeptical of the impact it may have on diplomacy. The US government would like its public to have access to filtered information. It is likely that the source of the information will be traced and endangered. 

WikiLeaks along with their media partners who’ve been posting its cables comes through as a powerful entity with access to controversial information. The information released has questioned American intelligence about the much spoken Iraq war and the length of the time frame for which the US troops would stay put in Afghanistan.  

Critics of WikiLeaks describe it as - 'misguided, irresponsible and reprehensible.' Knowledge on confidential information has its own repercussions. Is the knowledge going to change the course of events and make unregulated governments act otherwise?

The intent of the action taken by WikiLeak’s founder Julian Assange is questioned as he stands up against the US and its allies who are known to promote democracy and free information. Perhaps if a voice such as his was raised or similar information exposed in totalitarian regime, the public would then tangibly benefit from the same.

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