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3 CAG reports in Parliament today, Government set to face fire

3 CAG reports in Parliament today, Government set to face fire

TestFunda ,  22-Aug-12

The Comptroller and Auditor General reports on the privatization of three units namely: the Delhi airport, the ultra-mega power projects and the coal block allocations were unfolded in the Parliament today.

The CAG report on coal block allocations which amounts to a loss to the exchequer at Rs 1.86 lakh crore, makes it even bigger than the 2G scam loss.

The CAG report on power accuses the government of favoring some companies over others. The government was found benefiting companies like Tata and Reliance Power.

The Prime Minister, who allegedly allotted 44 billion tonnes of coal at an ‘as good as free’ price was also mentioned which raised questions of his stint as a Coal Minister.

The CAG report on privatization of Delhi airport questions the role of Praful Patel, the then Civil Aviation minister, for favoring GMR infrastructure enterprises that received “benefits” worth Rs 3,400 crore.

Many analysts, economists and journalists have responded to the report saying that it is time for the Indian private sector to be active in the quest for national progress and help rid ourselves of the political squabbles.

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