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Question of the day
Question of the Day (09-Sep-19)

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The following question has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

What is the real question, the most fundamental of questions, which arises when we seek to interpret the world we live in? Is it not just the question: What is the nature or character of the ultimate Power or Principle or Person upon which or upon whom the world depends? Is not every religion, every imagined deity, in one sense an altar to the unknown GOD? The venture of Christian faith consists in staking all upon the assumption, the hypothesis abundantly verified in the life's experience of such as make it, that the character of the unknown GOD is revealed in Christ: that the love of Christ is the expression of the love of GOD, the sufferings of Christ an expression of the suffering of GOD, the triumph of Christ an expression of the eternal victory of GOD over all the evil and wickedness which mars the wonder of His creation. If we were to look primarily at the life of Nature, we might be tempted to say that GOD was cruel. If we considered certain works of man, we might be tempted to conclude that GOD was devilish. _____________________________
 1)Looking at Jesus we gain the assurance that what we think is actually true.
 2)If we considered GOD himself, we might be tempted to deduce that he is truly GODly.
 3)Looking at Jesus we gain the assurance that GOD is Love.
 4)Looking at the general populace, we come to firmly believe that GOD must be acting on behalf of all mankind.
 5)But that temptation is what leads to all the sin and ugliness in the world.

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