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Question of the day
Question of the Day (24-Nov-19)

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The following question has a paragraph from which a part of the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most logical way.

Fiction has said so much in regret of the old days when there were plantations and overseers and masters and slaves, that it was good to come upon such a household as Berry Hamilton's, if for no other reason than that it afforded a relief from the monotony of tiresome iteration. The little cottage in which he lived with his wife, Fannie, who was housekeeper to the Oakleys, and his son and daughter, Joe and Kit, sat back in the yard some hundred paces from the mansion of his employer. It was somewhat in the manner of the old cabin in the quarters, with which usage as well as tradition had made both master and servant familiar. But, unlike the cabin of the elder day, it was a neatly furnished, modern house, the home of a typical, good-living negro. For twenty years Berry Hamilton had been butler for Maurice Oakley. He was one of the many slaves who upon their accession to freedom had not left the South, but had wandered from place to place in their own beloved section, waiting, working, and struggling to rise with its rehabilitated fortunes. The first faint signs of recovery were being seen when he came to Maurice Oakley as a servant. Through thick and thin he remained with him, _________________
 1)and when the final upward tendency of his employer began, his fortunes increased in like manner.
 2)and when, having married, Oakley bought the great house in which he now lived, he left the little servant's cottage in the yard, for, as he said laughingly, "There is no telling when Berry will be following my example and be taking a wife unto himself."
 3)and Berry, over a period of time, developed a kind of tenderness for Fannie, the housekeeper.
 4)never pretending to be the one who ran the house, in spite of truly doing so at various points of time.
 5)never imagining nor regretting the twists and turns of his otherwise mundane life.

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