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Prepare for your MBA entrance with Puzzle of the week

Prepare for your MBA entrance with Puzzle of the week

TestFunda ,  12-Feb-16

If you are planning to take MBA entrance exams this year, then you can start your preparation with our 'daily test prep' resources. The daily test prep has the daily wordlist, Question of the day and the puzzle of the week. Puzzle of the week is mostly like a riddle with some information that needs to be used to arrive at the solution.

What is the Puzzle of the week?

  • A puzzle is uploaded every Friday. 
  • It is generally in the form of a riddle where you are provided with a certain set of information and you have to find out the answer using the same. The question is designed on the lines of questions asked in the verbal, quantitative aptitude and DILR sections.
  • There is a thread in the forums section where you can participate in the discussion regarding the method to be used as well as the answer to the puzzle. 
  • Reward points are allotted to three winners who give the 100% correct answers. 
  • The Puzzle of the week acts as a brain teaser and solving it is fun as well as it helps you get started with your MBA exam prep. 

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