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MH-CET 2016: Preparation tips from the expert

MH-CET 2016: Preparation tips from the expert

TestFunda ,  26-Feb-16

MH-CET 2016 will be held next month. At TF we conduct live chats where experts from a particular field answer all your queries regarding preparing for a particular test. We held a live chat with JBIMS alumnus & MBA expert Patrick D'souza on preparing for MH-CET around this time. He has shared a few tips about how to tackle the test and give it your best shot. 

Read on to get help in preparing for the test:

blesson1990: What should be the strategy now that CET has different sections?
Patrick D'souza: The strategy remains the same. Focus on solving your strong sections - where you get more marks per minute and leave out the weak areas - where you get less marks per minute.

racersteer: Hi Patrick Sir
Patrick D'souza: Hi

racersteer: MH-CET is my last hope!
Patrick D'souza: Then give it your best shot. Prepare hard till three days before exam, then take a bit of rest to be fresh during the exam - but do revise your mocks during the last days.

hemanth100: im getting 100 in last 4 mocks how to increase my score wer t foucs?
my weaker area is verbal 
I am getting 52-60 correct in logical out f 100 what r right things t do??
Patrick D'souza: Either focus on increasing your attempts or increasing your accuracy. If you are already attempting too many questions 150+ to get 100 marks then focus on accuracy. If your attempts are low 130-, then focus on improving your speed by solving those questions that takes less time, especially verbal ability.

Malicious: Hello Sir,
Can you strategise on how to score better for CET ?
Patrick D'souza: You will have to come out with your own strrategy based on your strengths and weakness. Each indic\vidual is unique and ones strategy is differetn from others. Try to focus on your strong areas first and leave out the weak areas. Also have strategy ready for a tough paper and an easy paper.

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